Edie, an American Biography Fun Activities

Jean Stein
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Work of Art

Create an artistic work in any medium depicting an interesting event, location, or personality in Edie, an American Biography.

Book Cover

Design a new cover for Edie, An American Biography that presents the book in an interesting and creative way.

Short Story

Research life in 1960s New York and compose a short story that is set during that time.


Have students choose an interesting event or setting in Edie, An American Biography and create a diorama based on it.

Storyboard/Comic book

Choose a period of Edie's life and represent it visually in the form of a film storyboard or comic book.

Film Study

Have students watch the 2006 film about Edie Sedgwick, Factory Girl, taking note of differences between what is presented on the screen and within Edie, An American Biography. Critique the casting of the characters.

Game Show

Divide class into two teams...

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