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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who built a box for the gun?
(a) O'Brien.
(b) Andrew's father.
(c) T.J.'s father.
(d) Jim.

2. What does O'Brien do when he sees Eden in Chapter 6?
(a) Waves.
(b) Throws something.
(c) Shouts insults.
(d) Stares at her.

3. What does Andrew say he is impatient to see at the end of the novel?
(a) Signs of Eden's pregnancy.
(b) His city apartment.
(c) His ex-wife.
(d) Houses getting sold.

4. What does Eden say T.J. lies about?
(a) His exam scores.
(b) His job status.
(c) Himself.
(d) How much money he makes.

5. What does DeSalvo ask that O'Brien receive in Chapter 6?
(a) Hot chocolate.
(b) Water.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Tea.

6. What month is it in the last chapter of the novel?
(a) September.
(b) October.
(c) August.
(d) May.

7. What does T.J. feel about the new life Andrew is beginning?
(a) Worry.
(b) Envy.
(c) Skepticism.
(d) Disgust.

8. Where is Eden living at the end of the novel?
(a) At DeSalvo's house.
(b) In another city.
(c) Hotel.
(d) Andrew's mother's house.

9. Who is Geoffrey?
(a) Andrew's boss.
(b) Jayne's boyfriend.
(c) Martha's father.
(d) Billy's friend.

10. How many days will Edith be under observation?
(a) Twenty days.
(b) Ten days.
(c) Sixty days.
(d) Four days.

11. How does Andrew describe Edith's gun when she points it at him and Eden?
(a) Shadow.
(b) Something large and strange.
(c) Like a nightmare.
(d) Wild animal.

12. What is the wallpaper design in Eden's bedroom?
(a) Birds.
(b) Fleur-de-lis.
(c) Vines.
(d) Pink roses.

13. What personal information does T.J. tell Andrew about when he is working with him on Edith's house?
(a) He wants to be a hockey coach.
(b) He might lose his home from bad investments.
(c) He wants to live in the city.
(d) His children need a better education.

14. What dazes Andrew when he steps into T.J.'s foyer?
(a) Mirrored walls.
(b) Chandelier.
(c) Friendly dog.
(d) Loud music.

15. What does Eden tell Andrew about Jim in Chapter 5?
(a) He was difficult.
(b) He hated her.
(c) He refused to acknowledge what was happening.
(d) He was always in her bed in one way or another.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Andrew ask Eden to do after he took the gun from Edith?

2. How does Eden learn that Edith is selling the house?

3. What emotion does Mr. O'Brien express when Andrew stops in to visit him?

4. What is the light like in Eden's room at the end of Chapter 5?

5. What simile does the author use to describe Andrew's leap off the bed in Eden's bedroom?

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