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This object is used when Jim Close is killed.


Andrew's father carried this object to the Close home on the night Jim Close was killed.

Oxydol Box

The infant that Edith found on her lawn was in this object.

Tennis Shoes

Eden walks to the pond in these objects.


Andrew buys Eden this object to protect her blind eyes.

Hairbrush and Shampoo

Andrew uses these objects to take care of Eden's hair.

Clay Figures

Eden creates these objects, but they crumble and break.

Tape Recorder

Edith discovers Eden using this object and forbids her from seeing Andrew again.


Andrew buys Eden many of these items, but Eden refuses to keep them for fear her mother will find them.

Box in Closet

A gun was hidden in this location at the Close's home.

Underwear Drawer of Andrew's Mother

Andrew finds special keepsakes in this location...

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