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Chapter 1

• Andrew, a businessman, is in charge of the advertising for a pharmaceutical company.

• He is recently separated from his wife and has come home to bury his recently deceased mother.

• Andrew hopes to fix up his childhood home to put it for sale, and to return to work within a week.
• On a hot, humid night, Andrew has a vivid dream about his childhood.

• Andrew recalls the night Eden Close, his fourteen-year-old neighbor, was attacked in her bed, raped, and her father murdered.

• The dream is so vivid, Andrew can recall the sound of Edith Close's screams and the feeling of being seventeen again.

• He wakes up and looks out the window toward the Close house, located just seventy feet from his own.

• Andrew remembers the horrible heat of that night and leaving the kitchen after dinner to find some relief in the yard.

• He cannot remember...

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