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Ernest Callenbach
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What cannot be done with land in Ecotopia?
(a) Be sold.
(b) Be divided.
(c) Be bought.
(d) Be inherited.

2. How is Ecotopian health care different from American health care?
(a) More expensive.
(b) Focused on curative.
(c) Focused on preventive.
(d) Less expensive.

3. What does Weston ask a politician about the Ecotopian government?
(a) If it is elitist.
(b) If it is socialist.
(c) If it is Communist.
(d) If it is powerful.

4. What is surprising about the types of people often found working in factories and farms?
(a) They are Neanderthal.
(b) They are good-looking.
(c) They are youthful.
(d) They are intellectual.

5. What subject do Ecotopians sometimes study?
(a) Psychology.
(b) Sociology.
(c) Humanities.
(d) Philosophy.

6. What is surprising about the childrens' groups at the school in the way they interact?
(a) They are considerate.
(b) They are bullies.
(c) They are shy.
(d) They are supremely confident.

7. What do students in Ecotopia enjoy that American students of similar subjects often do not have?
(a) Freedom to focus on experience.
(b) Ability to travel anywhere at whim.
(c) Ability to have multiple majors.
(d) Ability to skip classes.

8. What is the kind of factory that Weston tours that produces plastic?
(a) Heater.
(b) Tub.
(c) Metal.
(d) Extrusion.

9. What does Weston think about the air and water in Ecotopia?
(a) Cleaner than in America.
(b) Dirtier than in America.
(c) Cheaper than in America.
(d) Costlier than in America.

10. On what is a limit set pertaining to doctors in Ecotopia?
(a) Wages.
(b) Credentials.
(c) Mobility.
(d) Work.

11. What does Weston feel about Ecotopian way of life as a whole?
(a) He abhors it.
(b) He likes it.
(c) He is scared of it.
(d) He is neutral about it.

12. What plays a large part in every family, farm, or factory in Ecotopia?
(a) Music.
(b) Sculpture.
(c) Painting.
(d) Writing.

13. While one kind of print lasts indefinitely, what is the other kind of print employed in Ecotopia?
(a) One that is detected by the retina.
(b) One that fades and can be recycled.
(c) One that glows and appears on voice command.
(d) One that appears only on night billboards.

14. How do the black areas and Chinatown operate?
(a) As independent countries mostly.
(b) As vibrant subordinate areas.
(c) As states to a federal union.
(d) As ostracized communities.

15. Where do Ecotopians conduct scientific research?
(a) Colleges only.
(b) Underground.
(c) Schools only.
(d) Small institutions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do people often take breaks from during work and go visit in Ecotopia?

2. What is the general maximum size of a business in Ecotopia?

3. What subjects do Ecotopians NOT value?

4. What forbids any one entity from owning multiple operations in the same city?

5. What shocks Weston about violent crime sentences in Ecotopia?

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