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Ernest Callenbach
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ecotopian art like, according to Weston?
(a) Repetitive.
(b) Unusual.
(c) Competitive.
(d) Mundane.

2. How is the Ecotopian student body at a college similar to the American version?
(a) Less rowdy.
(b) Bigger.
(c) Smaller.
(d) More rowdy.

3. What are taxes NOT used for?
(a) Video logging.
(b) Telephones.
(c) Sewer systems.
(d) Transportation.

4. How do the children arrive at the school that Weston visits in the minicity?
(a) By tram.
(b) By subway.
(c) By bus.
(d) On foot.

5. What kind of group organization do the children at the schools have, typically?
(a) Tribal.
(b) By superiority of intellect.
(c) By age.
(d) By grade.

6. What kind of product do Ecotopians use little of?
(a) Methane.
(b) Petroleum.
(c) Oil.
(d) Bromine.

7. What is not a big problem in Ecotopia, as compared to America, regarding the labor force?
(a) Lack of job training.
(b) Immigration.
(c) Unemployment.
(d) Competitiveness.

8. What do the segments that Weston sees at the factory resemble parts of?
(a) A flying buttress.
(b) An airplane cabin.
(c) A ship's deck.
(d) A Gothic cathedral.

9. How do the black areas and Chinatown operate?
(a) As independent countries mostly.
(b) As vibrant subordinate areas.
(c) As states to a federal union.
(d) As ostracized communities.

10. What is the minicity that Weston tours that he visits a school in?
(a) Weehawken.
(b) Portland.
(c) Portaverde.
(d) Reliez.

11. Where can newspapers and books be bought in Ecotopia?
(a) Electronic print-out terminals.
(b) Flying booths.
(c) Underground taverns.
(d) City kiosks.

12. What is the name of the area that black people choose to call their own in Ecotopia?
(a) Soul City.
(b) Tanzania.
(c) Razz Matazz.
(d) Harlem.

13. What subject do Ecotopians sometimes study?
(a) Philosophy.
(b) Humanities.
(c) Psychology.
(d) Sociology.

14. How long is a typical work week in Ecotopia?
(a) 24 hours.
(b) 40 hours.
(c) 15 hours.
(d) 20 hours.

15. What does each station have to provide in terms of a quota?
(a) Water reports.
(b) Free speech.
(c) Private sector broadcasting.
(d) Public service broadcasting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What practice do most health professionals in Ecotopia have as part of their training that is not similar to their counterparts in America?

2. What is NOT a popular artistic form in Ecotopia?

3. What are the houses that Weston sees NOT like?

4. While one kind of print lasts indefinitely, what is the other kind of print employed in Ecotopia?

5. What does Weston think about the food in Ecotopia?

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