Objects & Places from Ecology of a Cracker Childhood

Janisse Ray
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The Junkyard

This place is owned by Frank and serves as the playground for all of his children. This place is a symbol of Frank's characteristics of thrift, creativity, and utility. It is also the source of frequent and prolonged shame for the narrator, except during the rare occasions when someone in town needs something they know can only be found here.

Longleaf Pine

This object is a species now only found in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida, though they used to thrive in much of the eastern United States before railroads' thirst for lumber and other destruction inflicted by industry depleted their numbers drastically. The author uses the history and biology of this object in order to tell the story of the environmental damage inflicted on the part of the country in which she spent her childhood.


This object is used within several of the nature...

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