Ecology of a Cracker Childhood Character Descriptions

Janisse Ray
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This person is the narrator of the story. As a child, she is a tomboy who loves to climb trees, who enjoys spending time with her father, and who likes to play the role of teacher while playing school with her brothers. As an adult, she goes to college and exercises freedoms that were denied to her within the family's fundamentalist home.


This person is the father of the narrator. He owns a salvage yard, spends the bulk of his time with his family members, and is fervently religious. This person is kind and gentle but when the manic phases surface that are caused by his inherited Bipolar Disorder, his behavior becomes erratic.

Lee Ada

This person is the mother of the narrator. She is smart, strong, caring and patient, as evidenced by her tireless support of her husband when he struggles with bipolar episodes and she...

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