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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie want Bella to do concerning college?
(a) To go to college.
(b) To work a couple years before going to college.
(c) To go to a junior college first.
(d) To go to college in Europe.

2. What did Jacob used to think about the legend he is explaining to Bella?
(a) It makes werewolves the guardians of the supernatural.
(b) It is why a male werewolf will looks at women as he changes.
(c) It is why male werewolves do not change around women.
(d) It has no basis in reality.

3. What is one thing Bella and Jacob discuss?
(a) The reason werewolves are able to remember they are human.
(b) The origins of werewolves.
(c) The reason werewolves sometimes do not return to their human state.
(d) A child with whom another werewolf recently imprinted.

4. To what college has Bella been accepted?
(a) Portland University.
(b) University of Washington at Spokane.
(c) University of San Francisco.
(d) University of Alaska Southeast.

5. What does Bella's mother talk about that causes Bella discomfort?
(a) Her mother's illness.
(b) Charlie's illness.
(c) Bella and Edward's relationship.
(d) Sex.

Short Answer Questions

1. What might have happened without that quick thinking?

2. What does Charlie try to do?

3. What does Edward encourage Bella to do?

4. Why does Bella think Edward will be angry?

5. What form does Taha Aki take to communicate with his people?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Bella insecure about the idea of turning into a vampire?

2. About what do Edward and Jacob talk?

3. What does Jacob give Bella?

4. What vision does Alice have and what does Jacob suggest?

5. Where does Bella go after talking with Jacob and who shadows her?

6. What does Jacob say is difficult for some of the pack?

7. What do Bella and Edward discuss concerning the killing spree in Seattle?

8. What does Bella realize about several situations going on at the moment and how do Bella and Alice feel about Bella's realization?

9. What message does Bella get from her mother and how does Bella react?

10. What college has Bella just been accepted to and what does Bella see the purpose of college is?

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