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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edward explain the article Bella reads in the newspaper?
(a) He has no idea what it is about.
(b) It is nothing to do with werewolves or vampires.
(c) It is a group of werewolves trying to implicate vampires.
(d) The rampage is a group of newborn vampires.

2. To what does Edward agree?
(a) Allowing the rogue vampires close to their home.
(b) Allow Bella to fight.
(c) Letting Jacob guard Bella.
(d) Stay out of the fight.

3. When does Bella arrive at the Cullen's home?
(a) Just before the party is to begin.
(b) About two hours before people start arriving for the party.
(c) Edward does not allow her to come there because he is afraid Victoria will arrive.
(d) About an hour after most people have arrived for the party.

4. Where do Bella and Charlie go to have dinner?
(a) The lodge.
(b) A new Italian restaurant in town.
(c) A new Mexican restaurant in town.
(d) Her grandmother's house.

5. What does Edward do to Victoria?
(a) Shoots her.
(b) Decapitates her.
(c) Throws acid on her.
(d) Reasons with her.

6. Why does the vampire family in Anchorage refuse to help Carlisle about Seattle?
(a) They are busy fighting their own newborns wild vampires.
(b) They hate humans.
(c) They hate the Cullens.
(d) They do not want to honor a truce with the werewolves.

7. Why is Jasper concerned that there will be no help from the vampires in Anchorage?
(a) He thinks they will need more vampires to fight the newborns.
(b) He is afraid the werewolves will start policing the area.
(c) He thinks the army is a result of a rogue vampire from Anchorage.
(d) He believes it violates the vampire rules of conduct.

8. How does Jacob help warm up Bella?
(a) Runs back to Forks and gets more clothing.
(b) Warms bricks and lays them around her.
(c) Builds a fire in the old fireplace.
(d) Gets in the sleeping bag with her.

9. What alibi does Alice create for Bella?
(a) Tutoring.
(b) None.
(c) Library work.
(d) Shopping.

10. What does Alice want to do for Bella and Edward?
(a) Throw them a fancy wedding.
(b) Pay for a trip to the Galapagos where Bella has always wanted to see.
(c) Pay for an around-the-world cruise as a wedding present.
(d) Be the one to track and kill Victoria.

11. Why can't Edward help keep Bella warm?
(a) He has lost too much blood in the fighting.
(b) He is cold also.
(c) He is cold by nature.
(d) He is off looking for Victoria.

12. For what does Jasper suggest using Bella?
(a) Strategist.
(b) Bait.
(c) Messenger.
(d) Nothing.

13. What does Edward say has forced him to consider turning Bella?
(a) Nothing will force him to do that.
(b) The danger that Bella is in.
(c) The fact that the head vampire has ordered it.
(d) Her passion for him and their relationship.

14. Why can't Bella's mother come to Bella's graduation?
(a) She plans to come.
(b) Her husband is injured.
(c) She is ill.
(d) Her boss won't let her off.

15. What does Jasper arrange that night?
(a) A parley with the head of the newborn army.
(b) A training session.
(c) A parley with Victoria.
(d) A truce with several other vampire families.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jacob say to Bella about her feelings?

2. Why does Edward force Jacob away from Bella?

3. What do Alice and Bella try to keep from Edward during the graduation ceremonies?

4. Why does the story about the third wife cause Edward concern?

5. What does Bella read about at home?

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