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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wants to steal hunting grounds from other vampires?
(a) The woman who turns Jasper.
(b) Jacob's pack.
(c) A family who hates the Cullen family.
(d) Victoria.

2. What does Edward do to Victoria?
(a) Decapitates her.
(b) Throws acid on her.
(c) Reasons with her.
(d) Shoots her.

3. What would Bella's blood do?
(a) Help Edward find her when it is time for him to do his part.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Help Jacob find her when it is time for him to do his part.
(d) Excite the newborn vampires.

4. What do Edward and Jacob do as Bella goes to sleep?
(a) Fortify the area.
(b) Scout the area.
(c) Talk.
(d) Refuse to talk to each other.

5. What does Jacob tell Bella?
(a) He is going to kill Edward.
(b) He is in love with her.
(c) He is leaving Forks.
(d) He has finally imprinted with a woman in a nearby town.

6. In what state is Jacob's body always?
(a) Top physical conditioning.
(b) Constant changing from fevered to sub-normal temperatures.
(c) On the edge of the change.
(d) Runs a fever.

7. What does Bella read about at home?
(a) The escalating killing spree in Seattle.
(b) The escalating fights between two gangs in the area.
(c) The unexplained wolf deaths in the area.
(d) The upcoming graduation ceremony.

8. How does Edward react to what Bella tells him after graduation?
(a) He becomes pensive.
(b) He vows to kill Victoria.
(c) He becomes fearful.
(d) He becomes irate.

9. For what does Jasper suggest using Bella?
(a) Strategist.
(b) Messenger.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Bait.

10. To what does Edward admit concerning Bella?
(a) He is afraid to turn her to a vampire.
(b) He was jealous.
(c) He is afraid for her if they do not kill Victoria.
(d) He has loved her from the first day she arrived at Forks High.

11. What does Alice bring Bella?
(a) A new graduation outfit.
(b) An ancient book on the history of vampires.
(c) A poem Edward wrote when he was very young.
(d) A description of how one becomes a vampire.

12. What does Edward say is the last thing he wanted to do concerning Bella?
(a) Take her away from her family.
(b) Change her into a vampire.
(c) Hurt her by leaving.
(d) Watch her grow old and die.

13. Of what does Bella become unsure?
(a) Becoming a vampire.
(b) Going to Dartmouth.
(c) Going to Harvard.
(d) Going to visit her mother.

14. What does Jasper do in the meadow?
(a) Attacks Jacob.
(b) Shows Bella how to defend herself.
(c) Attacks a rogue vampire.
(d) Demonstrates how to fight the newborns.

15. What does Edward say Bella must agree to do before she can be transformed to a vampire?
(a) Learn more about vampires.
(b) Marry him.
(c) Leave her family.
(d) Go through an initiation rite.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who turns Jasper to a vampire?

2. To what does Bella reluctantly agree for Alice's sake.?

3. To whom does Bella talk about the person's past?

4. Why is Jasper concerned that there will be no help from the vampires in Anchorage?

5. Where does Jasper fight?

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