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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon what does Bella insist?
(a) Humans be kept out of the fight.
(b) Jacob leading the werewolves.
(c) Going to the training session.
(d) Edward leading the vampires.

2. What does Alice bring Bella?
(a) A poem Edward wrote when he was very young.
(b) A description of how one becomes a vampire.
(c) An ancient book on the history of vampires.
(d) A new graduation outfit.

3. What does Bella read about at home?
(a) The escalating killing spree in Seattle.
(b) The escalating fights between two gangs in the area.
(c) The unexplained wolf deaths in the area.
(d) The upcoming graduation ceremony.

4. Why does the story about the third wife cause Edward concern?
(a) Bella believes the legends about vampires.
(b) Bella is considering marrying Jacob.
(c) Edward is not concerned about a mere legend.
(d) Bella might do something foolish.

5. Why does Edward force Jacob away from Bella?
(a) Jacob falls on Bella accidentally.
(b) Edward is afraid Jacob is going to hurt Bella.
(c) Edward thinks Jacob is pretending to have fallen.
(d) Edward does not force Jacob away from Bella.

6. What does Edward give Bella for her charm bracelet?
(a) A crystal ball.
(b) A winged bat of gold.
(c) A gold heart.
(d) A crystal heart.

7. What do Alice and Bella try to keep from Edward during the graduation ceremonies?
(a) Jacob may try to kill Edward.
(b) Bella does not want to become a vampire yet.
(c) Their realizations.
(d) Bella has a special surprise for Edward.

8. What do Edward and Jacob do as Bella goes to sleep?
(a) Refuse to talk to each other.
(b) Talk.
(c) Fortify the area.
(d) Scout the area.

9. What does Jasper do in the meadow?
(a) Attacks Jacob.
(b) Shows Bella how to defend herself.
(c) Attacks a rogue vampire.
(d) Demonstrates how to fight the newborns.

10. What makes Alice and Bella begin to feel fearful?
(a) Afraid that there might be violence at graduation.
(b) Thinking that Jacob may try to kill Edwards.
(c) Thinking that Jacob will kill Bella rather than let Edward have her.
(d) Thinking that Victoria is connected to the Seattle newborn vampires.

11. What surprises Bella about the pack of werewolves?
(a) It includes two females.
(b) It has several fewer members.
(c) Nothing.
(d) It has expanded.

12. Of what does Bella become unsure?
(a) Becoming a vampire.
(b) Going to Harvard.
(c) Going to visit her mother.
(d) Going to Dartmouth.

13. What does Bella try to get Edward to do?
(a) Keep Jacob safe.
(b) Understand Jacob's point of view.
(c) Go help the rest of the Cullens with the newborn vampires.
(d) Make love.

14. When does Bella arrive at the Cullen's home?
(a) About an hour after most people have arrived for the party.
(b) Edward does not allow her to come there because he is afraid Victoria will arrive.
(c) Just before the party is to begin.
(d) About two hours before people start arriving for the party.

15. In what war did Jasper fight?
(a) American Civil War.
(b) French Revolution.
(c) American Revolution.
(d) Spanish Civil War.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Bella hits Jacob?

2. Why does Jacob go and change into human form?

3. Who turns Jasper to a vampire?

4. Who does Jasper first meet when he travels north?

5. How does Jacob help warm up Bella?

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