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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Jacob that concerns Edward?
(a) He hates Edward.
(b) He has a bad temper.
(c) He is not very smart.
(d) He is a werewolf.

2. What does Angela suggest might be the reason for the tension between Edward and Jacob?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) The age-old werewolf-vampire feud.
(c) She has no idea.
(d) Rivalry.

3. What was Edward's motive for taking Bella out of town over the weekend?
(a) Alice had a vision that Bella's mother was going to die.
(b) Charlie confided to Edward he was having a female weekend guest.
(c) Alice had a vision that Bella was going to die that weekend in Forks.
(d) Victoria was in town.

4. How does Bella see going to college as being useful?
(a) To become an equal to Edward intellectually.
(b) To disappear from her family.
(c) To learn more about the history of the world.
(d) To get money from Charlie.

5. Why does Edward's family rule out their first thoughts?
(a) It was not a werewolf smell.
(b) Volturi would not investigate personally.
(c) Victoria is now in Italy.
(d) Edward does not recognize the scent.

6. What does Edward talk to Charlie about without consulting Bella?
(a) Bella marrying Edward after high school.
(b) Visiting Bella's mother.
(c) Bella applying to Harvard.
(d) Bella's mother's illness.

7. Who is Leah?
(a) Alice's human cousin.
(b) Bella's best friend.
(c) Sam's girlfriend.
(d) Sam's sister.

8. What does Edward want Bella to do before becoming a vampire?
(a) See if she can fall in love with a human man.
(b) Have more human experiences.
(c) Have a child.
(d) Grow a little older.

9. What do the werewolves do to the first vampire they kill?
(a) Drink its blood.
(b) Send it back to Transylvania.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Study it in a cage.

10. What is discussed in werewolf legends of old?
(a) The god of the werewolves is actually the same one as that of the vampires.
(b) What Jacob explains about imprinting.
(c) Vampires and werewolves were once very good friends.
(d) There is a god of the werewolves.

11. What causes a rift between Sam and Leah?
(a) Sam's time spent as a werewolf.
(b) Sam's feelings about Emily.
(c) Sam's feelings about Bella.
(d) Sam being a werewolf.

12. What does Jacob say he has not yet done?
(a) Planned to kill Edward.
(b) Change fully to a werewolf.
(c) Seen much of the world.
(d) Found a women he would like to love.

13. About what does Edward try to appear nonchalant?
(a) A vision Alice has.
(b) His sorrow that Charlie does not like him.
(c) His feelings of antipathy towards Jacob.
(d) Bella's enjoyment of "human" life.

14. What happens to Alice during lunch?
(a) She has a vision.
(b) She is attacked by Jacob.
(c) She is called into the principal's office.
(d) She is deliberately tripped by a female student.

15. About what does Jacob tell Bella?
(a) The truce between the werewolves and the vampires.
(b) His feelings for her.
(c) The chase for Victoria.
(d) The promise Jacob made his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Alice unable to "see" where Bella is going?

2. What might have happened without that quick thinking?

3. What does Bella discover when she returns home?

4. Where does Jacob want Bella to visit him?

5. Where does Bella go on her motorcycle?

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