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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jacob want to talk with Edward?
(a) To ask Edward to help Jacob find someone who is killing innocent werewolves.
(b) In the interest of Bella's safety.
(c) To create a stronger truce.
(d) To ask Edward to keep round-the-clock watchers on his cousin, a new vampire.

2. About what does Edward try to appear nonchalant?
(a) His sorrow that Charlie does not like him.
(b) A vision Alice has.
(c) Bella's enjoyment of "human" life.
(d) His feelings of antipathy towards Jacob.

3. Why does the vampire family in Anchorage refuse to help Carlisle about Seattle?
(a) They are busy fighting their own newborns wild vampires.
(b) They hate humans.
(c) They do not want to honor a truce with the werewolves.
(d) They hate the Cullens.

4. What might have happened without that quick thinking?
(a) There might have been trouble between the werewolves and vampires that night.
(b) They might have killed the wrong vampire.
(c) Cullen might have been stuck as a werewolf permanently.
(d) They might have fallen into a large, concealed pit onto sharp stakes.

5. When does Bella arrive at the Cullen's home?
(a) About an hour after most people have arrived for the party.
(b) Just before the party is to begin.
(c) Edward does not allow her to come there because he is afraid Victoria will arrive.
(d) About two hours before people start arriving for the party.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sometimes happens when a werewolf looks at a woman just as he is transitioning into a werewolf?

2. What does Alice bring Bella?

3. What does Charlie try to talk to Bella about later that night?

4. What causes a rift between Sam and Leah?

5. To what does Bella compare herself concerning the feud between the vampires and werewolves?

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