Objects & Places from Eclipse

Stephenie Meyer
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Graduation Outfit - Alice gives Bella new clothes to wear after Bella's favorite red blouse goes missing.

Charm Bracelet - Jacob gives Bella this to celebrate her graduation from high school.

Heart Charm - Edward gives Bella this that once belonged to his mother.

Engagement Ring - When Edward formally proposes to Bella, he shows her this.

Camping Gear - The Cullens have a large amount of this to support the story that they like to go hiking in the woods around Washington.

Jacob's Note - The novel begins with this, which has been sent to Bella through her father, Charlie.

Wuthering Heights - This is Bella's favorite book.

Bella's Truck - Edward dislikes this slow object.

Cullen Home - Edward's family live here.

Meadow - This is the location of the battle between the Cullens and werewolves and the newborn vampire army.

La Push - This...

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