Eclipse Multiple Choice Test Questions

Stephenie Meyer
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Preface and Chapters 1-3

1. What does Bella prepare herself for in the Preface?
(a) College.
(b) Marriage.
(c) Death.
(d) Moving.

2. What does Bella receive from Jacob?
(a) A poem.
(b) A ring.
(c) A picture.
(d) A note.

3. Why is Bella still angry at Jacob?
(a) For getting her in trouble.
(b) For trying to intimidate her father.
(c) For speaking out against Edward.
(d) For being cruel to his brother.

4. What does Charlie try to do?
(a) Make dinner.
(b) Patch things up between Bella and Jacob.
(c) Get in touch with Bella's mother.
(d) Learn where Edward has gone.

5. What is the outcome of what Charlie tries to do?
(a) He gets Bella to agree to see Jacob.
(b) Bella's mother will not speak to Charlie.
(c) He learns Edward is somewhere in Montana.
(d) He fails miserably.

6. What does Charlie tell Bella about her activities?
(a) She is no longer grounded.
(b) She is grounded.
(c) She must curtail so much time alone in the woods.
(d) She is old enough now to make her own choices and he will no longer interfere.

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