Eclipse Character Descriptions

Stephenie Meyer
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Isabella 'Bella' Swan - She is a nineteen-year-old high school senior as this novel begins.

Edward Cullen - He attempts to appear to be a normal teenager in the eyes of the local people.

Jacob Black - He is a member of the Quileute tribe that lives near Forks, Washington.

Alice Cullen - She is a vampire who passes herself off as Edward's sister. As part of her powers as a vampire, she has visions of the future.

Rosalie Cullen - She has never really liked Bella and was an active voice of dissension when the family had to make the choice whether or not to accept Bella into their family.

Sam - He is the leader of the werewolves.

Victoria - Edward killed her lover.

Jane - She is a member of the Volturi who has the power to cause vampires great pain without touching them...

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