Eclipse Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephenie Meyer
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Preface and Chapters 1-3

• Bellla receives a note from Jacob but she is still angry at him for getting her in trouble. Charlie, Bella's father attempts to make dinner with poor results.

• Charlie tells Bella she is no longer grounded, but she needs to spend more time with her friends like Jacob than so much time with Edward.

• Charlie gives Bella her acceptance to college, but she has no plans to go. She is using the excuse of college to get away so she can be turned into a vampire.

• Edward arrives and encourages her to fill out more applications because he wants her to enjoy more human experiences before she is turned.

• Edward then disagrees about Jacob because he worries that Jacob might place Bella in harm because Jacob is a werewolf. She decides not to seek Jacob out.
• At school, Bella helps a friend fill out...

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