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Short Answer Questions

1. In Part Three, Chapter 16, what color paint is used to write derogatory words on the Yamamoto house?

2. During the war, where did Elisabeth care for patients?

3. In Part Two, Chapter 19, what does Mike plan to play for the harmonica competition?

4. In Part Three, Chapter 19, what is the name of Mr. Ward's lawyer?

5. In Part Three, Chapter 4, what is the name of Ivy's new school?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part Two, Chapter 18, what does Mike see and hear when he goes back to the Sturbridge house?

2. In Part Two, Chapter 22, what does Mr. Hoxie say to Mike after his audition in front of the jury?

3. In Part Four, Chapter 3, what does Ivy remember about her brother Fernando?

4. In Part Three, Chapter 21, who is the boy who is always riding his bicycle?

5. In Part Three, Chapter 18, how is Ivy able to explore the secret room at the Yamamoto house?

6. In Part Two, Chapter 13, how is Mr. Potter's harmonica playing described?

7. What has Frankie been doing and what does he want to do to please Mrs. Sturbridge in Part Two, Chapter 14?

8. In Part Three, Chapter 5, what will be Ivy's mother's job?

9. How did Mrs. Sturbridge's son die?

10. How are itinerant children who are members of the harmonica band taken care of?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Friedrich is bullied at school. What is Friedrich’s father’s response to the bullying that his son faces, and how does his response affect Friedrich’s life?

Essay Topic 2

Mike uses deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that Mrs. Sturbridge is going to send him and Frankie away. How does Mike use deductive reasoning to come to that conclusion and based on the end of the story, how does deductive reasoning lead Mike to the wrong conclusion?

Essay Topic 3

Both Elisabeth and Mike have to be responsible for younger siblings. How are the responsibilities that Mike and Elisabeth have similar and why their actions are so important in preserving what is left of their families?

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