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1. At the beginning of The Untitled Opening Section, what does one boy do while his friends play?

A boy and his friends play hide-and-seek in a pear orchard. While Mathilde is counting, the boy hurries away, determined to stay hidden longer than all the others and hoping to impress Mathilde. He sneaks into the forest surrounding the orchard, and sits against a pine to wait for all the others to get back to home base.

2. What does Otto read as he waits for the others to get to home base in The Untitled Opening Section?

As Otto waits for his friends to get to home base, he pulls a book from his waistband that he bought from a Gypsy that morning. The name of the book is "The Thirteenth Harmonica of Otto Meessenger," and he settles to read it while he waits.

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