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Harmonica or Kazoo

Make music using a harmonica, if you can find one, or create a kazoo by using a comb wrapped in wax paper or thin plastic, and blow on it to create music.

Keep the Harmonica?

Discuss with a group if you would have kept the harmonica if you had been Friedrich, Mike, Ivy, or Otto.

Echo: The Movie

Imagine that you are the director of a movie based on the novel. List the characters that you would choose to play the main characters.

Owners of the Harmonica

Discuss with a group what the conversation might have been like between Friedrich, Mike, Ivy, and Kenny when they discover that they all had the same harmonica at one point in time.


Create a diorama of one of the scenes in the book.

Family Picture

Draw a family picture for each of the families in the novel...

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