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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ibn do where they stop?
(a) Rents a room until he is better.
(b) Hires a wheel wright to fix the wagon.
(c) Give the man many gifts.
(d) Have a healer look after the horse.

2. What type of houses do merchants of the Northmen use?
(a) Large wooden houses.
(b) Houses with stone exteriors.
(c) Tents.
(d) They build their merchant house in the trees.

3. What does the boat that arrive contain?
(a) A letter for Ibn.
(b) Food for travel.
(c) Buliwyf's wife.
(d) One of Buliwyf's male relatives.

4. What surrounds Trelburg?
(a) The ocean on one side and a river on the other side.
(b) A desert.
(c) Mountains.
(d) Two rivers.

5. How does Ibn view his coming trip with the Northmen?
(a) As a way to gather a great deal of information.
(b) As a death sentence.
(c) As a great adventure.
(d) As a wonderful way to study another culture.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thorkel want to do with Ibn?

2. What does Ibn ask when Herger points out the city in question #67 to him?

3. What does Ibn think about the way the Northmen think about the number thirteen?

4. What does Ibn learn during the funeral of the Northmen leader?

5. What does the letter in Chapter One request?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does a boat that arrives bear and what is the message given to Buliwyf?

2. What does Ibn note about the difference between the people at Trelburg and the Northmen and what does he find out there about the troubles at Rothgar's Hall?

3. What does Crichton say about Ibn's observations of the Vikings?

4. What hits the land right after the burial and what does Ibn notice about the Northmen?

5. Why was Ibn chosen as the thirteenth warrior?

6. How does Ibn describe the Northmen?

7. What is the letter that is mentioned in Chapter One?

8. Where does the party stay for two days and what does Ibn find out about Northmen behavior before a sea voyage?

9. What does Ibn say about the Oguz Turks?

10. What does Ibn think of Rothgar's Hall when he first sees it and what does Herger say about the hall?

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