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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Northwomen differ from Ibn's culture in their mannerisms?
(a) They are warriors also.
(b) They are bolder.
(c) They are brawdy but chaste.
(d) They are more demur.

2. What does Herger do after he talks to Ibn?
(a) Slaps Ibn in the face as is custom during a feast.
(b) Falls asleep.
(c) Leaves to talk to Buliwyf.
(d) Finds a woman.

3. With what is the valley they come to filled?
(a) A huge lake.
(b) Wendol children.
(c) Dead animal carcasses.
(d) Crude huts.

4. What does Buliwyf ask Ibn about the dwarfs?
(a) If he likes the sword the dwarfs gave Ibn.
(b) If he knows any other dwarfs.
(c) If he understands what the dwarf said.
(d) If he could find the dwarfs' caves again.

5. Why does Ibn join the revelry?
(a) He is far from his home.
(b) He has given up his religion.
(c) He feels he could be born a Northman.
(d) He is lonely.

6. Why does Herger ride forward to talk to Buliwyf?
(a) He wants to be one of the first to encounter any fighting.
(b) He doesn't want to ride with a coward.
(c) He wants to find out their strategy.
(d) He wants to tell him the quote Ibn said to him.

7. What does Ibn see in the caves at first?
(a) Beautiful rock formations.
(b) Walls covered in crystals.
(c) Huge carved statues.
(d) Steaming, sizzling cauldrons.

8. What does Buliwyf do when they offer him onion soup back at the hall?
(a) Refuses it.
(b) Knocks it out of the woman's hand.
(c) Drinks it.
(d) Says he will eat it when it cools.

9. What does a dwarf tell Buliwyf about Buliwyf?
(a) Buliwyf will become the king of the Vikings.
(b) The wendol will bring about his death.
(c) Buliwyf will have a son.
(d) He doesn't tell him anything about Buliwyf.

10. Why do the women cover Hurot with water?
(a) The wendols are afraid of water.
(b) So the warriors won't get dehydrated.
(c) To keep the glowworm from setting it afire.
(d) It is Holy water which will repel the enemy.

11. How does the mist appear when the landscape changes?
(a) It is thick and as high as a man.
(b) It hangs low, near the ground.
(c) There are no mists.
(d) It is thin and sparse but covers from ground to sky.

12. What is the form of the Korgon?
(a) A large bear.
(b) A battle formation of the wendol.
(c) An avatar of Odin.
(d) A wolf pack motivated by hunger.

13. What does an old man tell Ibn about Wiglif?
(a) He plans to leave before the big battle.
(b) He is angry that Ibn was with a Northwoman.
(c) He plans to kill Rothgar.
(d) He plans to harm Buliwyf.

14. What does Ibn ask Herger as they near Hurot?
(a) If Buliwyf knows what he is doing.
(b) What they are going to do next.
(c) If the wendol are gone.
(d) If the wendol will return.

15. What do the dwarfs give the warriors?
(a) Daggers and rope.
(b) New swords.
(c) A great deal of food.
(d) New body armor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ibn find distasteful about the Northwomen with whom he spends time the night after the first battle, besides her physical appearance?

2. What do the warriors follow?

3. What kind of power does Herger say the dwarfs have?

4. What shocks Ibn about the Northmen's attitude after the first battle?

5. What does Buliwyf do when they see the wendol coming?

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