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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ibn ask Herger as they near Hurot?
(a) If the wendol are gone.
(b) What they are going to do next.
(c) If Buliwyf knows what he is doing.
(d) If the wendol will return.

2. How are warriors with extremity wounds treated?
(a) They are given willow bark tea.
(b) Salt water.
(c) Whiskey is poured on their wounds.
(d) Spiderwebs or hot cloths.

3. What does Buliwyf do when he comes to Ibn?
(a) Sits down beside him.
(b) Slaps him in the face.
(c) Tells him to go to bed.
(d) Hands him a glass of wine.

4. What happens the night of Buliwyf's visit to the dwarfs?
(a) The mists do not come.
(b) The wendol come but not the mists.
(c) The mists come but not the wendol.
(d) The wendol and the mists come.

5. Where is Ibn wounded during the battle?
(a) He is not wounded.
(b) His arm is slashed.
(c) In the shoulder.
(d) In the leg.

6. To where do the warriors head when they leave the wendol camp?
(a) To the ocean.
(b) Rothgar's Hall.
(c) The lake.
(d) The mountains.

7. What do the dwarfs make that the Northmen prize?
(a) Weapons.
(b) Body armor.
(c) Jewelry with gems.
(d) Stone catapults.

8. What does Herger do when Ibn falls asleep while waiting for the wendols?
(a) Shoots an arrow at his head.
(b) Pours a bucket of water over him.
(c) Kicks him in the shins.
(d) Covers him with dirt.

9. What does Herger tell Berger about when the wendol sleep?
(a) They only sleep every three days.
(b) They sleep at night.
(c) They do not sleep.
(d) They sleep during the day.

10. What do the warriors take with them when they leave to find the glowworm?
(a) A cauldron of holy water.
(b) The stone pregnant woman.
(c) The bear head that was left.
(d) Four hounds.

11. What does Buliwyf ask Ibn about the dwarfs?
(a) If he knows any other dwarfs.
(b) If he could find the dwarfs' caves again.
(c) If he likes the sword the dwarfs gave Ibn.
(d) If he understands what the dwarf said.

12. What does Buliwyf do when they offer him onion soup back at the hall?
(a) Refuses it.
(b) Says he will eat it when it cools.
(c) Drinks it.
(d) Knocks it out of the woman's hand.

13. How many of the wendol does Ibn slay?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

14. Why does Buliwyf talk slowly to Ibn?
(a) Because Herger has told Buliwyf that Ibn is a little slow.
(b) Buliwyf talks slowly to everyone.
(c) Because he is drunk.
(d) So Ibn can understand him.

15. For what does Buliwyf ask the dwarfs?
(a) The king of the dwarfs.
(b) New body armor.
(c) A soothsayer.
(d) A long sword.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the wendols look like when not dressed for war?

2. How is Buliwyf dressed?

3. What does Buliwyf do when they see the wendol coming?

4. How do the Northwomen differ from Ibn's culture in their mannerisms?

5. What does Herger tell Ibn about the possible near future?

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