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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Buliwyf want Ibn to do?
(a) Stay at Hurot when they go to the glowworm.
(b) Send people to teach the Northmen about Islam.
(c) Be ready to leave in the morning.
(d) Write the story of Buliwyf's heroism.

2. What do Herger and Ibn do right before Ibn leaves?
(a) Slap each other in the face.
(b) Exchange swords.
(c) Trade war souvenirs.
(d) Grip each others' shoulders in friendship.

3. What do the warriors take with them when they leave to find the glowworm?
(a) A cauldron of holy water.
(b) The bear head that was left.
(c) The stone pregnant woman.
(d) Four hounds.

4. What does Herger do after he talks to Ibn?
(a) Leaves to talk to Buliwyf.
(b) Falls asleep.
(c) Slaps Ibn in the face as is custom during a feast.
(d) Finds a woman.

5. For what does Buliwyf ask the dwarfs?
(a) The king of the dwarfs.
(b) New body armor.
(c) A soothsayer.
(d) A long sword.

6. What does Buliwyf tell Ibn about Ibn's knowledge of the Northmen?
(a) He has learned a lot about them.
(b) He will stay another year and learn more about them.
(c) He knows practically nothing about them.
(d) He has enough information to understand their fight.

7. How do the Northmen view warriors who die in bed or as old men?
(a) As very wise.
(b) As the leaders in the community.
(c) As the best there is.
(d) As cowards.

8. What does Buliwyf do when they offer him onion soup back at the hall?
(a) Refuses it.
(b) Says he will eat it when it cools.
(c) Knocks it out of the woman's hand.
(d) Drinks it.

9. Why is Ibn extremely fearful when they are on the cliffs?
(a) He hates seagulls.
(b) They are near the wendols.
(c) He is afraid of heights.
(d) He does not want to scale them.

10. What does Herger tell Ibn about the possible near future?
(a) The mists and the wendols will come again.
(b) Buliwyf has now fulfilled his obligation and will leave Rothgar Hall.
(c) The Northmen will move to another location.
(d) The wendols will now leave them alone.

11. What knocks a bear head off of one of the wendol?
(a) Bulify's shield.
(b) A large rock thrown by a woman.
(c) Herger's ax.
(d) Ibn's sword.

12. What do the wendols look like when not dressed for war?
(a) Pretty much like the Northmen.
(b) Tall and very skinny.
(c) Large and muscular.
(d) Short and hairy.

13. What kind of power does Herger say the dwarfs have?
(a) He does not mention power as far as the dwarfs are concerned.
(b) A powerful army.
(c) Magical power.
(d) Mechanical power.

14. Where does the wendol's mother live?
(a) In another land across the ocean straits.
(b) In a cave beneath the cliffs.
(c) In the desert of dread.
(d) High on a mountain.

15. What does Herger tell Ibn when Ibn says he is afraid?
(a) Life is long enough.
(b) Yesterday is gone.
(c) Today is a good day to die.
(d) Stop thinking about the future.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of injury does Rethel have?

2. Why does Herger ride forward to talk to Buliwyf?

3. Who does Ibn slay inside the hall?

4. What kind of information does Herger give to Ibn?

5. How does Ibn feel about what Herger told him about Buliwyf's plan?

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