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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ibn see in the caves at first?
(a) Walls covered in crystals.
(b) Huge carved statues.
(c) Beautiful rock formations.
(d) Steaming, sizzling cauldrons.

2. What do the warriors take with them when they leave to find the glowworm?
(a) A cauldron of holy water.
(b) The bear head that was left.
(c) The stone pregnant woman.
(d) Four hounds.

3. What does Buliwyf do when he comes to Ibn?
(a) Tells him to go to bed.
(b) Slaps him in the face.
(c) Sits down beside him.
(d) Hands him a glass of wine.

4. Where does the wendol's mother live?
(a) In the desert of dread.
(b) In a cave beneath the cliffs.
(c) In another land across the ocean straits.
(d) High on a mountain.

5. What kind of injury does Rethel have?
(a) A stomach wound.
(b) A missing arm.
(c) A gash in his head.
(d) A broken thigh.

6. What happens the night of Buliwyf's visit to the dwarfs?
(a) The mists come but not the wendol.
(b) The wendol come but not the mists.
(c) The mists do not come.
(d) The wendol and the mists come.

7. What does the landscape look like when it changes?
(a) A forest with widely spaced trees.
(b) A soggy, damp desert.
(c) Plains with high grass.
(d) A sandy desert.

8. Why does Ibn join the revelry?
(a) He is lonely.
(b) He feels he could be born a Northman.
(c) He has given up his religion.
(d) He is far from his home.

9. What is the form of the Korgon?
(a) An avatar of Odin.
(b) A wolf pack motivated by hunger.
(c) A battle formation of the wendol.
(d) A large bear.

10. What does Herger tell Ibn when Ibn says he is afraid?
(a) Stop thinking about the future.
(b) Today is a good day to die.
(c) Life is long enough.
(d) Yesterday is gone.

11. How does Ibn feel about his first battle with the wendol?
(a) He is depressed.
(b) He is scared to death.
(c) He is indifferent.
(d) He is high on the excitement.

12. What kind of power does Herger say the dwarfs have?
(a) Magical power.
(b) Mechanical power.
(c) A powerful army.
(d) He does not mention power as far as the dwarfs are concerned.

13. What does an old man tell Ibn about Wiglif?
(a) He plans to harm Buliwyf.
(b) He is angry that Ibn was with a Northwoman.
(c) He plans to leave before the big battle.
(d) He plans to kill Rothgar.

14. How does Ibn leave the Northmen?
(a) On Herger's horse.
(b) With a group seeking Wulfgar.
(c) On foot by himself.
(d) On a merchant ship.

15. What does Buliwyf want Ibn to do?
(a) Send people to teach the Northmen about Islam.
(b) Stay at Hurot when they go to the glowworm.
(c) Write the story of Buliwyf's heroism.
(d) Be ready to leave in the morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Herger ride forward to talk to Buliwyf?

2. What do the Northwomen look like?

3. When does Buliwyf have seven horses prepared?

4. What does Herger tell Ibn when Ibn says he does not want to go to the wendol's mother?

5. What litters the ground of Rothgar's compound?

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