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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herger tell Ibn when Ibn says he is afraid?
(a) Stop thinking about the future.
(b) Yesterday is gone.
(c) Life is long enough.
(d) Today is a good day to die.

2. What does Herger tell Berger about when the wendol sleep?
(a) They sleep during the day.
(b) They sleep at night.
(c) They do not sleep.
(d) They only sleep every three days.

3. How do the Northmen view warriors who die in bed or as old men?
(a) As the best there is.
(b) As the leaders in the community.
(c) As cowards.
(d) As very wise.

4. What knocks a bear head off of one of the wendol?
(a) Bulify's shield.
(b) Ibn's sword.
(c) Herger's ax.
(d) A large rock thrown by a woman.

5. What do the dwarfs give the warriors?
(a) New swords.
(b) A great deal of food.
(c) Daggers and rope.
(d) New body armor.

6. What does Buliwyf do as the warriors near Hurot?
(a) Gets off his horse and walks.
(b) Stops for lunch.
(c) Stop the men.
(d) Head in a different direction.

7. What do the wendols look like when not dressed for war?
(a) Pretty much like the Northmen.
(b) Short and hairy.
(c) Large and muscular.
(d) Tall and very skinny.

8. How are warriors with extremity wounds treated?
(a) Spiderwebs or hot cloths.
(b) Whiskey is poured on their wounds.
(c) They are given willow bark tea.
(d) Salt water.

9. What happens the night of Buliwyf's visit to the dwarfs?
(a) The mists do not come.
(b) The wendol come but not the mists.
(c) The wendol and the mists come.
(d) The mists come but not the wendol.

10. What does Herger warn Ibn about approaching?
(a) Their temple dedicated to Odin.
(b) A lone wedol.
(c) King Rothgar.
(d) Exceptionally beautiful women.

11. Why is Ibn extremely fearful when they are on the cliffs?
(a) He is afraid of heights.
(b) He hates seagulls.
(c) He does not want to scale them.
(d) They are near the wendols.

12. What do the Northwomen look like?
(a) Short and stocky.
(b) Short, thin and muscular.
(c) Tall and pale with blue eyes.
(d) Tall with usually black hair and green eyes.

13. Where is Ibn wounded during the battle?
(a) In the leg.
(b) In the shoulder.
(c) He is not wounded.
(d) His arm is slashed.

14. With what are the arms of the throne-like chair found covered?
(a) Carvings of words.
(b) Animal fur.
(c) Blood and brain matter.
(d) Excrement.

15. What does Herger tell Ibn about the possible near future?
(a) Buliwyf has now fulfilled his obligation and will leave Rothgar Hall.
(b) The Northmen will move to another location.
(c) The mists and the wendols will come again.
(d) The wendols will now leave them alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Ibn's writing after he leaves the Northmen?

2. What does Buliwyf ask Ibn about the dwarfs?

3. Why does Herger tell Ibn a lot of information?

4. How many weeks does Ibn spend with the Northmen before he is ready to leave?

5. What do the warriors take with them when they leave to find the glowworm?

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