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The Salinas Valley

The story takes place in this fertile area of Northern California.

King City, California

This is a town close to the farm settled by Samuel Hamilton.

The Trask Farm

Cyrus Trask works here in Connecticut, and after Adam leaves to go into the Army and Cyrus takes his position of secretary of war in Washington, Charles stays back and works here alone.

The Inns

Mr. Edwards keeps a network of these throughout New England, and Charles makes a habit of visiting them periodically.

The Ames House

Cathy kills her parents by setting fire to this building while they are sleeping one night.

Adam's Wanderings

A soldier discharged from the Army engages in these.

Washington, D.C.

Cyrus moves here to work as secretary of war and is buried with military honors after his death.

Charles' and Cathy's Scars

These are found on the forehead and...

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