East of Eden Character Descriptions

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Cathy Ames

This character is consistently evil in her thoughts and actions, manipulating others for her own ends without a trace of conscience.

Kate Ames

This is a nickname for the character described as a monster.

Abra Bacon

This character is the daughter of a dishonest county supervisor in Salinas who shows wisdom, caring and love for others.

Mr. Edwards

This character runs a prostitution business in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and lives a respectable life as a married man with two sons.


This character is an old prostitute who drowns before she can prove a murder.


This character is the owner of a brothel in Salinas who is slowly poisoned.

Dessie Hamilton

This character is warmhearted, full of laughter and owns a dressmaker shop in Salinas.

George Hamilton

This character lives an exemplary life but suffers from anemia.

Joe Hamilton

This character is the darling of...

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