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Short Answer Questions

1. Spenser tells Paul that they are building the cabin a simpler, yet less desirable way. Why is the way they are doing it less desirable?

2. Who was the best fighter Spenser ever fought?

3. Where do Spenser and Paul eat in Chapter 24?

4. What is Paul's response to Spenser's plans for the property?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 22, what skill is Paul learning?

Short Essay Questions

1. As evidenced in his conversation with Spenser in Chapter 20, why is Paul curious in relation to why his parents think the way that they do?

2. Does Susan make a good point about parental rights in Chapter 23? Why? Why not?

3. Why does Spenser agree to keep Paul after the kidnapping scare when Patty is taken hostage?

4. What type of character is Harry Cotton?

5. Aside from making sure that Paul has a presentable suit to wear to the ballet, what is the point of taking Paul to Louis' to get a suit?

6. Is Spenser's plan to blackmail the Giacomins in order to make them pay for Paul's education and living expenses, as well as staying away from him a good plan? Why? Why not?

7. Why does Paul's revelation that he would like to be a dancer important?

8. Why does Spenser believes that teaching Paul to run is important?

9. What is Susan's opinion about Spenser keeping Paul?

10. Why does Spenser decide to take Paul to Fryeburg and build a cabin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

If you were the author of "Early Autumn", what is one aspect of the story that you would change? Why would you change it? How would it affect the overall story?

Essay Topic 2

Patty uses her sexuality and the act of sex to define herself and to measure her self worth.

Part 1) Do you think that is healthy? Why? Why not?

Part 2) How does that outlook hurt her ability to be a mother to Paul?

Part 3) How does that outlook influence Paul?

Essay Topic 3

Mel Giacomin is the main antagonist (villain, bad guy) of the story. He is not a very complex character, and has very few personality aspects. Unlike Spenser, when he is faced with some tough decisions, he does not make good ones. and definitely makes some decisions which could be viewed as morally problematic. In a story rife with "bad guys" and "seedy characters", what makes Mel the antagonist of this story? Use instances from the text to support your answer.

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