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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Paul's opinion on possibly finding out some less-than-desirable information on his parents?
(a) He does not have an opinion.
(b) He is happy to learn about his parents' dirty laundry.
(c) He is upset at the possibility.
(d) He does not care, and he is willing to help find out information about them.

2. What does the visitor in Chapter 22 ask for Paul and Spenser to do?
(a) To hire Spenser for a case.
(b) To show their building permits.
(c) For Paul to go with them.
(d) To handle a construction job.

3. In Chapter 14, what does Hawk say about Spenser?
(a) That he is unreliable.
(b) That he is reliable.
(c) That he is predictable.
(d) That he is unpredictable.

4. What is the first step that Paul and Spenser work on when building the cabin?
(a) Digging holes for the foundation tubes.
(b) Reading blueprints for the cabin.
(c) Putting up a fence around the property.
(d) Clearing the land for the foundation.

5. What do Spenser and Paul have for lunch in Chapter 21?
(a) Cheddar cheese and Granny Smith apples, Bartlett pears, seedless green grapes, and an unsliced loaf of pumpernickel bread.
(b) Vegetable soup and crackers.
(c) Grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips.
(d) Cobb salad and French onion soup.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mel's access to "leg breakers" concern Spenser?

2. What does Spenser tell Paul that they are going to do with Susan's rural property?

3. In Chapter 13, what is Spenser's response to the solution that Patty comes up with regarding living arrangements for Paul?

4. Who is the man sitting at the desk in Chapter 25?

5. Where do Paul and Spenser catch the person whom they are looking for in Chapter 24?

Short Essay Questions

1. Aside from making sure that Paul has a presentable suit to wear to the ballet, what is the point of taking Paul to Louis' to get a suit?

2. What is Susan's opinion about Spenser keeping Paul?

3. In Chapter 21 we are able to see how Paul is growing both physically and emotionally. How has he grown?

4. Why does Spenser decide to take Paul to Fryeburg and build a cabin?

5. As evidenced in his conversation with Spenser in Chapter 20, why is Paul curious in relation to why his parents think the way that they do?

6. Is Spenser's plan to blackmail the Giacomins in order to make them pay for Paul's education and living expenses, as well as staying away from him a good plan? Why? Why not?

7. Why does Spenser does not take a television to the cabin with him and Paul?

8. Why does Spenser believes that teaching Paul to run is important?

9. What is the lesson that Spenser is trying to teach Paul via the two of them building the cabin together with their own hands instead of hiring someone else to do it or using machinery?

10. Does Susan make a good point about parental rights in Chapter 23? Why? Why not?

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