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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Spenser and Paul eat in Chapter 24?
(a) Quincy Market.
(b) At the cabin.
(c) Babe's Bistro.
(d) Casa Rosa's.

2. In Chapter 19, what does Paul wear on Saturday morning?
(a) A tan suit, a blue shirt, a tan tie, and his sneakers.
(b) A grey suit, a purple shirt and tie, and his sneakers.
(c) A green polyester suit, purple shirt, and brown boots.
(d) A tan corduroy jacket, brown pants, a powder blue polyester shirt with dark blue pocket flaps, no tie, black socks, and top-sider shoes.

3. What does Spenser say about ballet dancers?
(a) That they are talentless hacks.
(b) That ballet dancing is a very admirable profession.
(c) That they are fine athletes and gifted artists.
(d) That dancing is for girls.

4. What does Spenser say about too much positivity in Chapter 20?
(a) That not having enough positivity can ruin a person's life.
(b) That there is no such thing as too much positivity in today's world.
(c) That too much positivity is a sign that the person with the outlook is either scared or stupid; or both.
(d) That too much positivity is for those who do not understand their surroundings.

5. What does the group decide to have for dinner in Chapter 13?
(a) PB&Js.
(b) Canned soup and crackers.
(c) Grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and fruit cocktail.
(d) BLTs, homemade bread and butter pickles, cheese, and apples.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Spenser and Paul have for lunch in Chapter 21?

2. Who was the best fighter Spenser ever fought?

3. Besides the man sitting at the desk, who else is in the building that Paul and Spenser visit in Chapter 25?

4. What does Paul's dad, Mel say about the ballet?

5. What is Paul's opinion on possibly finding out some less-than-desirable information on his parents?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Susan feel about Spenser sending Paul and Patty to her house in Chapter 13?

2. Is the violence used in Chapter 24 necessary? Why?

3. In Chapter 21 we are able to see how Paul is growing both physically and emotionally. How has he grown?

4. Does Susan make a good point about parental rights in Chapter 23? Why? Why not?

5. Why does Paul's revelation that he would like to be a dancer important?

6. What is the lesson that Spenser is trying to teach Paul via the two of them building the cabin together with their own hands instead of hiring someone else to do it or using machinery?

7. Why does Paul force Spenser to wake him the way that he did in Chapter 16?

8. Was it a good idea for Spenser and Paul to break into Mel's office? Why? Why not?

9. In Chapter 17, Paul asks Spenser why he cannot simply leave him alone. Spenser replies that he cannot leave him alone because everyone in his life has left him alone and it has not done him any good. He also tells Paul that his goal is to help him become a better person. What does Spenser mean by that?

10. How is the reader likely to feel when Patty shows up to take Paul home in Chapter 22?

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