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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What favor does Spenser ask of Susan in Chapter 23?
(a) If she would let Paul move in with her.
(b) If she would marry him.
(c) If she would find out about ballet schools for Paul.
(d) If she would watch Paul while he took care of some business.

2. What is the answer to the visitor's demand in Chapter 22?
(a) Spenser will take the case.
(b) Paul will not go.
(c) They turn down the construction job offer.
(d) They answer that they do not have a construction permit.

3. What is Paul's answer when Spenser asks him whether there is any place that he has always wanted to go, that no one would take him, that he was afraid to ask?
(a) That he would like to go to the symphony.
(b) That he would like to go to the opera.
(c) That he would like to go to the theater.
(d) That he would like to go to the ballet.

4. What does Susan think about the idea of Paul being away from his parents and learning self-reliance?
(a) She is hopeful.
(b) She is positive.
(c) She is excited.
(d) She is skeptical.

5. Where do Paul and Spenser catch the person whom they are looking for in Chapter 24?
(a) On the street.
(b) Near a big pseudo-Gothic church.
(c) In the bar.
(d) In a car.

Short Answer Questions

1. Spenser takes Paul to Louis'; what is Louis'?

2. What does Spenser wear on Saturday morning in Chapter 19?

3. What problem are Susan and Spenser trying to solve in Chapter 23?

4. What does Spenser say about too much positivity in Chapter 20?

5. Why does Susan feel the way that she does about the idea of Paul being away from his parents and learning self-reliance?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of character is Harry Cotton?

2. Is Spenser's evaluation of Susan's attitude in Chapter 23 an accurate one? Why? Why not?

3. How does Spenser handle the confrontation with Patty in Chapter 22?

4. Aside from making sure that Paul has a presentable suit to wear to the ballet, what is the point of taking Paul to Louis' to get a suit?

5. Why does Paul force Spenser to wake him the way that he did in Chapter 16?

6. Why does Spenser feel that teaching Paul to box and weight lift is important?

7. Why does Spenser does not take a television to the cabin with him and Paul?

8. Why is the discussion that Spenser and Paul have in Chapter 21 about the rules of fighting an important one?

9. How is the reader likely to feel when Patty shows up to take Paul home in Chapter 22?

10. Is the violence used in Chapter 24 necessary? Why?

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