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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information did Spenser find out from the person whom he caught in Chapter 24?
(a) That Paul was really the son of a powerful mobster.
(b) That Patty Giacomin was a prostitute.
(c) That he knew Mel through Harry Cotten.
(d) That Mel Giacomin was an assassin.

2. What idea does Patty come up with to solve the problem of Mel's henchmen in Chapter 13?
(a) That Hawk take Paul into hiding.
(b) That Susan adopt Paul.
(c) That Spenser take Paul.
(d) That Paul go to live with his distant great-aunt in Ohio.

3. What is Paul's answer when Spenser asks him whether there is any place that he has always wanted to go, that no one would take him, that he was afraid to ask?
(a) That he would like to go to the theater.
(b) That he would like to go to the symphony.
(c) That he would like to go to the opera.
(d) That he would like to go to the ballet.

4. Who was the best fighter Spenser ever fought?
(a) Muhammad Ali.
(b) Horace Gracie.
(c) Joe Walcott.
(d) Rob Marciano.

5. What does the group decide to have for dinner in Chapter 13?
(a) BLTs, homemade bread and butter pickles, cheese, and apples.
(b) Grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and fruit cocktail.
(c) Canned soup and crackers.
(d) PB&Js.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Paul asks Spenser about his fighting career, he asks if he could have been a champion; and Spenser says no. What is Spenser's reasoning for that answer?

2. In Chapter 17, when Paul asks Spenser why he cannot just leave him alone, what is Spenser's answer?

3. What does Spenser tell Paul about fighting in a "regular" fight?

4. Why does Spenser feel that Paul needs to be away from his parents?

5. What problem are Susan and Spenser trying to solve in Chapter 23?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Spenser's plan to blackmail the Giacomins in order to make them pay for Paul's education and living expenses, as well as staying away from him a good plan? Why? Why not?

2. Why does Paul force Spenser to wake him the way that he did in Chapter 16?

3. Why does Spenser agree to keep Paul after the kidnapping scare when Patty is taken hostage?

4. Why does Spenser decide to take Paul to Fryeburg and build a cabin?

5. Does Susan make a good point about parental rights in Chapter 23? Why? Why not?

6. Was it a good idea for Spenser and Paul to break into Mel's office? Why? Why not?

7. Why is the discussion that Spenser and Paul have in Chapter 21 about the rules of fighting an important one?

8. As evidenced in his conversation with Spenser in Chapter 20, why is Paul curious in relation to why his parents think the way that they do?

9. How is the reader likely to feel when Patty shows up to take Paul home in Chapter 22?

10. What is Susan's opinion about Spenser keeping Paul?

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