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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the restaurant that Paul, Spenser, and Susan dine at in Chapter 19?
(a) Casa Romero.
(b) The Grumpy Gringo.
(c) Tres Margaritas.
(d) La Casadorez.

2. What is already built on Susan's rural property?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The foundation for a new house.
(c) A rustic hunting cabin.
(d) A well for fresh water.

3. Right after visiting Louis', where do Paul and Spenser go?
(a) To a bookstore.
(b) To the museum of fine arts.
(c) To "Antoinette's Restaurant".
(d) To the Hudson River.

4. What does Spenser think of the visitor's request in Chapter 22?
(a) "Do we sense a pattern developing?"
(b) "That is what you did with Harry."
(c) "You want to move in with the spiffy one on a permanent basis. But he will not take the kid. You cannot keep paying me to babysit, so you are going to ship him off to the old man."
(d) "But there is nothing to be done about it."

5. What does the man at the desk threaten to do in Chapter 25?
(a) To kill Spenser if he does not stay out of his business.
(b) To burglarize Spenser's office.
(c) To kidnap Susan.
(d) To keep Paul for ransom.

6. What does Susan say about Spenser's personality in Chapter 20?
(a) That he works too hard to thwart people's expectations.
(b) That he is unpredictable.
(c) That he is fun-loving and adventurous.
(d) That he is predictable.

7. What does Spenser say about too much positivity in Chapter 20?
(a) That too much positivity is for those who do not understand their surroundings.
(b) That too much positivity is a sign that the person with the outlook is either scared or stupid; or both.
(c) That there is no such thing as too much positivity in today's world.
(d) That not having enough positivity can ruin a person's life.

8. Why does Mel's access to "leg breakers" concern Spenser?
(a) Because they would get in the way of a court case.
(b) Because a normal insurance salesman and real estate agent would not know where to find such individuals.
(c) Because Mel's friends could hurt Paul.
(d) Because Mel's friends could hurt Patty.

9. What does Paul's dad, Mel say about the ballet?
(a) That it is boring.
(b) That it is not art.
(c) That it is embarassing.
(d) That it is for girls.

10. Where does Spenser catch a ride to in Chapter 13?
(a) Spenser's apartment in Boston.
(b) Mel's house in Andover.
(c) Susan's house in Smithfield.
(d) Patty's house in Lexington.

11. What is Spenser's response when Paul asks him why he thinks that Paul's parents say everything is for girls?
(a) Because they do not know any better; because they do not know who they are, or how to find outp or what a good person is, or how to find out. So they rely on categories.
(b) Because Paul's parents are small-minded people in a big world.
(c) Because they are afraid to admit what they like because other people may think they are weak.
(d) Because they do not really care, and are just telling Paul that to bring his inquisitiveness to an end.

12. Why does Patty refuse to report Mel's actions to the police?
(a) Because she does not trust the police.
(b) Because she is afraid that Paul will hate her for it.
(c) Because she is afraid he will kill her.
(d) Because she believes that the police are too busy to handle it.

13. On their trip to North Conway in Chapter 16, what does Spenser tell Paul is "against the rules"?
(a) Lying to Spenser.
(b) Not learning to be a man.
(c) Speaking badly of another person's beloved.
(d) Running away from home.

14. Who was the best fighter Spenser ever fought?
(a) Rob Marciano.
(b) Joe Walcott.
(c) Horace Gracie.
(d) Muhammad Ali.

15. What does the group decide to have for dinner in Chapter 13?
(a) BLTs, homemade bread and butter pickles, cheese, and apples.
(b) PB&Js.
(c) Canned soup and crackers.
(d) Grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and fruit cocktail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Susan feel the way that she does about the idea of Paul being away from his parents and learning self-reliance?

2. What is the answer to the visitor's demand in Chapter 22?

3. In Chapter 17, when Paul asks Spenser why he cannot just leave him alone, what is Spenser's answer?

4. Where do Paul and Spenser arrive at in Chapter 25?

5. Besides the man sitting at the desk, who else is in the building that Paul and Spenser visit in Chapter 25?

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