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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Spenser not want a personal relationship with Patty?
(a) Because he does not like mixing personal issues with business matters.
(b) Because he does not find her attractive.
(c) Because it would be unprofessional and harm his professional reputation.
(d) Because he is in love with Susan, and because he believes that Paul would think less of him if he were to get involved with Patty.

2. When they arrive at the house in Chapter 4, how does the passenger enter the house?
(a) He opens the back door and enters without knocking or any type of announcement.
(b) He barges in the front door and yells, "Hey! I'm home!"
(c) He runs up the front steps and bursts through the door.
(d) He pulls out his key and unlocks the side entrance to the house.

3. What is Spenser's response to Patty's "plan" in Chapter 7?
(a) He politely declines the job, and gives her the name of an associate more suited for that type of work.
(b) He agrees, but acknowledges that guarding them is only a temporary solution.
(c) He asks her to put him on permanent retainer.
(d) He tells her that it will not work, and that they must think of something else.

4. What book is Spenser reading in Chapter 7?
(a) Of Mice and Men.
(b) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
(c) A Distant Mirror.
(d) To Kill a Mockingbird.

5. How does the narrator get into room 315?
(a) By breaking in.
(b) By posing like a pizza delivery person.
(c) By knocking on the door.
(d) By acting like a cabbie delivering a package.

6. What is Paul's response to Patty's "plan" in Chapter 7?
(a) He makes no response.
(b) He is relieved by the idea.
(c) He is angry with the idea.
(d) He is unhappy with the idea.

7. What habit does the passenger have that drives the narrator absolutely crazy during their car ride in Chapter 4?
(a) He chain smokes.
(b) He will not talk and blinks alot.
(c) He shrugs his shoulders in response to almost every question that he is asked.
(d) He shakes his head and says that he does not know the answer to every question that he is asked.

8. Where does the narrator follow the woman to in Chapter 3?
(a) Hawk's gym.
(b) Harry Cotton's condominium.
(c) Mel Giacomin's house.
(d) Spenser's office.

9. In what month does the story begin?
(a) November.
(b) August.
(c) April.
(d) January.

10. Who is the short, dumpy, barrel-bodied man with the ugly wig and an auburn Dynel ski cap who entered Patty's house?
(a) Harold.
(b) Harry.
(c) Hawk.
(d) Buddy.

11. In Chapter 7, what do Patty, Paul, and Spenser have for dinner?
(a) Hot dogs with macarooni and cheese.
(b) Hamburgers and french fries.
(c) Cold tuna sandwiches on rye bread.
(d) Steak, peas, and baked potato.

12. What did the narrator accomplish by visiting the woman in Chapter 2?
(a) He will now be able to identify the woman so that she can follow her better.
(b) Knows that the woman now knows that the narrator knows who she is.
(c) He knows that the missing gold jewelry is not in the woman's house.
(d) Learning what the woman looks like and that she will possibly call the person for whom the narrator is searching.

13. At the beginning of Chapter 2, where is the narrator sitting?
(a) Outside an apartment building on Hammond Pond Parkway in Chestnut Hill.
(b) At the counter of a Dunkin' Donuts.
(c) At police headquarters.
(d) The narrator's office.

14. In Chapter 4, what does the passenger say about the narrator's muscles?
(a) That they are ugly.
(b) That they are fake.
(c) That they are wimpy.
(d) That they are impressive.

15. Who was at home with Patty when Spenser and Paul arrived in Chapter 5?
(a) Susan Silverman.
(b) Mel Giacomin.
(c) Stephen Court.
(d) Harry Cotton.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, when he returned after his respite after breakfast, what does Patty ask him?

2. In Chapter 7, what does Patty tell Spenser has happened to Paul?

3. What kind of car does Elaine Brooks drive?

4. Who is Elaine Brooks?

5. Who is Mel Giacomin?

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