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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Besides the narrator, who else was evicted from the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston?
(a) A fortune-teller and a bookie.
(b) A pet shop and a dry cleaner.
(c) No one.
(d) A bank and a tailor.

2. Where does the narrator follow the woman to in Chapter 3?
(a) Spenser's office.
(b) Mel Giacomin's house.
(c) Hawk's gym.
(d) Harry Cotton's condominium.

3. In Chapter 4, what does the passenger say about the narrator's profession?
(a) That it is awfully gross.
(b) That it is totally great.
(c) That it is very interesting.
(d) That it is a rotten occupation.

4. What is the narrator hired to do in Chapter 1?
(a) Find the client's son and bring him back home.
(b) Help the client find out about a blackmailer.
(c) Investigate the client's spouse.
(d) Locate the client's missing dog, a championship-winning fox terrier.

5. What happens to the Giacomin house two days following the argument about the role of the modern women?
(a) Patty gets angry at Spenser and demands that he leave the house.
(b) Some men come to kidnap Paul.
(c) Paul tries to run away.
(d) Patty apologizes to Spenser and asks him to leave.

6. In Chapter 10, after Patty freshens up and returns to the breakfast table, she and Spenser have a discussion. What is that discussion about?
(a) About whether they should go to the police about the attempted kidnapping.
(b) About Patty acting out her need for companionship.
(c) About what the next stage of their plan for Paul should be.
(d) About how they should handle Mel.

7. What is the first question that the narrator asks the passenger in Chapter 4 after leaving the house?
(a) "Who would you rather live with, your mother or your father?
(b) "Name's Spenser with an S, like the Poet. I'm in the Boston Book. Under Tough. Heard of me?"
(c) "Package for Ms. Brooks. She 'ere?"
(d) "Smart. I like a man who gets out of a marriage gracefully. Don't you?"

8. In Chapter 8, how long was the time period that Spenser was gone following breakfast?
(a) All day.
(b) About two hours.
(c) Four hours.
(d) About an hour and fifteen minutes.

9. What does Spenser do for dinner the first night that Patty is away in New York?
(a) He stops by a deli on his way home and picks up some sandwiches.
(b) He makes pork chops with pineapple cream sauce, rice, and a salad.
(c) He orders out for pizza.
(d) He gets take-out from a Chinese restarurant just down the corner from his office.

10. In Chapter 10, Spenser says that he did not mind Patty's idea of fancy cooking; but that there was something that he did mind. What was it?
(a) Not being able to get his runs in regularly.
(b) A growing sense of intimacy.
(c) Not serving beer at dinner.
(d) Paul eating his meals in his room.

11. In Chapter 2, who is the narrator staking out and trying to find?
(a) Mel Giacomin.
(b) Harry Cotton.
(c) Hawk.
(d) Susan Silverman.

12. In Chapter 9, what do Paul and Spenser decide to do for dessert?
(a) Bake a cake together.
(b) Go to a nearby diner for pie.
(c) Go to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream.
(d) Buy some cookies at the corner store.

13. In what month does the story begin?
(a) November.
(b) January.
(c) April.
(d) August.

14. When they arrive at the house in Chapter 4, how does the passenger enter the house?
(a) He runs up the front steps and bursts through the door.
(b) He opens the back door and enters without knocking or any type of announcement.
(c) He pulls out his key and unlocks the side entrance to the house.
(d) He barges in the front door and yells, "Hey! I'm home!"

15. How does the narrator enter the building in Chapter 3?
(a) By ringing the bell and posing as a messenger.
(b) By breaking in.
(c) By knocking on the door and acting like a census taker.
(d) By walking in through the open front door.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was at home with Patty when Spenser and Paul arrived in Chapter 5?

2. What did the narrator accomplish by visiting the woman in Chapter 2?

3. In Chapter 8, what does Patty inform Spenser in relation to the upcoming weekend?

4. In Chapter 10, Spenser tells Patty that he can put her in touch with the feminist writer, Rachel Wallace. Patty responds that feminist theory is all well and good on paper, but that it is not successful in reality. Spenser asks her what the term, successful means in the "real world"; and Patty's response is:

5. What does the narrator say to the woman who answers the door in Chapter 2?

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