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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 20 through 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 19, what does Paul wear on Saturday morning?
(a) A green polyester suit, purple shirt, and brown boots.
(b) A tan suit, a blue shirt, a tan tie, and his sneakers.
(c) A tan corduroy jacket, brown pants, a powder blue polyester shirt with dark blue pocket flaps, no tie, black socks, and top-sider shoes.
(d) A grey suit, a purple shirt and tie, and his sneakers.

2. What does Spenser wonder about the female jogger in the beige and blue exercise outfit?
(a) Whether he could ask her for her phone number.
(b) Whether she was wealthy or poor?
(c) Whether she would jog with him if he were to offer her money and power.
(d) Whether she was married or living with someone.

3. What favor does Spenser ask of Susan in Chapter 23?
(a) If she would find out about ballet schools for Paul.
(b) If she would watch Paul while he took care of some business.
(c) If she would let Paul move in with her.
(d) If she would marry him.

4. What is Paul's response to Spenser's plans for the property?
(a) Paul shrugs and says that he does not care.
(b) That Spenser has a good plan and that Paul wants to help.
(c) He does not believe that Spenser can do it. He also says that he does not want to help.
(d) That they are crazy, and that Spenser is crazy.

5. In Chapter 7, what does Patty tell Spenser has happened to Paul?
(a) That his father came to Paul's school and tried to take him out of class.
(b) That Paul tried to run away to his father's house.
(c) That the person whom she hired to babysit Paul while she was out, turned out to be one of Mel's henchmen who tried to kidnap Paul.
(d) That a strange man approached Paul on his way home from school, and told him that his father wanted to see him. When Paul would not go with him, the man got out of his car and started to chase him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Right after visiting Louis', where do Paul and Spenser go?

2. How many miles was Paul up to running by May?

3. What problem are Susan and Spenser trying to solve in Chapter 23?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 22, what skill is Paul learning?

5. What is already built on Susan's rural property?

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