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This location is where Spenser lives and works as a private investigator.

Boylston Street and Berkley

This site is where Spenser's office is located.

Hammond Pond Parkway

This location is where Elaine Brooks lives in an apartment building.

Emerson Road

This location is where Patty and Paul live.

A Distant Mirror

This book is what Spenser is reading when Patty calls on him in April.

Massachusetts Avenue Bridge

This object is where the kidnappers want to trade Patty for Paul.


This is the name of the restaurant where Paul and Spenser stop for food in North Conway, New Hampshire.


This location is where Paul and Spenser eat in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Harbor Health Club

This site is owned by Henry Cimoli, and is where Paul stays while Spenser talks with Susan.

New York

This location is where Patty goes once a month to get...

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