Early Autumn Character Descriptions

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Spenser - This character is a private investigator.

Paul Giacomin - This character is young, shy, introverted, and awkward.

Hawk - This character is a tough enforcer.

Patty Giacomin - This character is insecure and promiscuous.

Mel Giacomin - This character sells insurance.

Buddy Hartman - This character is a thug who squeals information when roughed up.

Elaine Brooks - This character has a piece of property, not their residence, which burns down.

Susan Silverman - This character is a guidance counselor.

Harry Cotton - This character is dirty, scrawny, and potbellied; but worth millions of dollars.

Shelley - This character is a gigantic ruffian.

Henry Cimoli - This character owns a fitness club.

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