Early Autumn Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 through 6

• Chapter 1:

• The narrator, Spenser, is a private detective in Boston.

• Spenser is hired by Patty Giacomin to find her missing son, Paul.

• Patty believes that her ex-husband, Mel, has kidnapped Paul.
• Chapter 2:

• Spenser begins looking for Paul by locating Mel's girlfriend, Elaine Brooks.

• Spenser sits outside of Elaine's house hoping to see her, Mel, or Paul.

• Spenser gets tired of waiting and rings Elaine's doorbell to find out whether she is home; she is.

• Spenser buys a fancy bucket and poses as a cabbie delivering the gift from Mel; Spenser hopes that this will make her and Mel get together so that he can find Paul.
• Chapter 3:

• Elaine leads Spenser to Mel.

• Spenser finds that Paul is with Mel at his house.
• Chapter 4:

• Spenser takes Paul back home to his mother.

• On the way to Patty's house, Spenser tries to find out who Paul would like...

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