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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Guern ask in return for leading them through the bog?

2. What does the Legate say about the Ninth Legion?

3. Who is in charge of the fort at Borcovicus where Marcus and Esca come to the wall?

4. What does Liathan give to Marcus?

5. What happened to the Eagle of the Ninth Legion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Esca demonstrate by staying with Marcus and helping to search for the Eagle?

2. What happens to Marcus and Esca when the tribesmen catch them after they leave, having stolen the Eagle?

3. What does Esca suggest when it looks like they are going to be caught again, by the tribe?

4. What is the rite of manhood and how do the Epidaii celebrate it?

5. What happened at the beginning of the fall of the Ninth legion?

6. Why did Guern say he finally left the legion?

7. How are Marcus and Esca disguised and what do they look like?

8. What does Marcus urge Guern to do and why does he say no?

9. What might be the symbolism of Cub's not eating in relationship to Marcus and Esca?

10. Why do you think the Eagle is so important to both Rome and the Epidaii?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marcus learns that loyalty to Rome and to the Legion is important, but so is loyalty to your friends and family. What do you believe is more important loyalty to family or friends? Why? What about country? Would you turn in a family member who committed a crime? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The Eagle is the symbol of all Roman Legions. Thus, when Marcus says the 4th Gaulish is the finest cohort of all the Eagles, he means of all the Roman Legions. In the days of Pliny the Elder, the Roman Legions had five symbols, the eagle, the wolf, the bull or minotaur, the horse and the boar. During the reorganization of the Legions under Marius about 104 B.C., the four animals were eliminated, and every Legion was symbolized by a silver or bronze eagle with outstretched wings. Another important symbol is the red rose, which symbolizes blood and honor. When it falls, Marcus is reminded how fleeting life is and how important bravery and honor are.

What are some symbols in modern America? What do they represent and how do people in America respond to them?

Essay Topic 3

Write a brief essay on how you would feel about the soldiers occupying your country. Would you be friends with them? Why or why not? Would you allow their doctors to treat you or your family? Would you enroll in their military? Would you join a resistance? Marry a citizen of that country?

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