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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Guern help Marcus and Esca?
(a) He leads them through a haunted forest
(b) He takes them in a boat down the river to the wall
(c) He leads the men across a dangerous bog
(d) He gives them a plant to rub on them that messes up their smell

2. What does Marcus see the last priest of the festival carrying out of the holy place?
(a) A wounded Roman soldier
(b) A staff with a laurel on it
(c) A face of a seal
(d) The Eagle of the Lost Ninth Legion

3. For what purpose is the festival Marcus and Esca attend?
(a) For the new moon
(b) For a Chieftain wedding
(c) For the deer hunt coming up
(d) For the boys being initiated into manhood

4. What does the answer in question 127 mean as far as Guern is concerned?
(a) The man is a former Legionnaire
(b) That he has lived with Romans
(c) That he learned Latin in Rome
(d) That he is a priest

5. What does the hunter do after he shares Marcus's camp?
(a) Sneaks away
(b) Talks about his wife
(c) Invites them to his home
(d) Fights with Esca

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Guern ask in return for leading them through the bog?

2. Who is in charge of the fort at Borcovicus where Marcus and Esca come to the wall?

3. In the morning near Trinomontium what do they hear?

4. What clues Marcus in to Guern's identity?

5. What do Marcus and Esca generally eat for noon break?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the old man tell Marcus about the Eagle?

2. How does Marcus feel about Guern?

3. What does Guern do to help Marcus and Esca when they're running from the tribes?

4. How does Marcus figure out who Guern might be?

5. When Liathan accuses Marcus of deceiving the Epidaii how does Marcus respond?

6. What does Marcus urge Guern to do and why does he say no?

7. Why do you think the Eagle is so important to both Rome and the Epidaii?

8. Why did Marcus and Esca hope to find the holy place? Who accidentally helped them and why?

9. What do Marcus and Esca do about their military horses while running from the tribe?

10. What does Esca demonstrate by staying with Marcus and helping to search for the Eagle?

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