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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Legate say about the Ninth Legion?
(a) It will be reformed
(b) It is too disgraced to ever be reformed
(c) It will receive another laurel
(d) It will be honored in Rome

2. What does a warrior tell Marcus about the legion?
(a) They war on a neighboring tribe every summer
(b) They did not fight the Romans
(c) They hunted down the remnants of the Ninth Legion
(d) They heard of the legion but it was east of there

3. What does Guern ask in return for leading them through the bog?
(a) To clear his name as a deserter
(b) To see the Eagle one last time
(c) To carry a letter to his first wife
(d) To help the son he left in Rome

4. How do they elude the dogs?
(a) They make a skunk spray
(b) They slip into a river
(c) They put wild lavender on their trail
(d) They leave some clothing in a out of the way spot

5. Who do they meet up with when they come out of the river?
(a) More tribal people
(b) A Roman cohort
(c) Guern
(d) No one

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Marcus and Esca return to Calleva?

2. What does the item in question 143 look like?

3. What do Marcus and Esca do that night after everyone goes to sleep?

4. Where does Hadrian's wall run?

5. Why does Liathan give Marcus a gift?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Guern do to help Marcus and Esca when they're running from the tribes?

2. Why did Guern say he finally left the legion?

3. What does Marcus urge Guern to do and why does he say no?

4. How are Marcus and Esca disguised and what do they look like?

5. Why do you think the Eagle is so important to both Rome and the Epidaii?

6. How does Marcus figure out who Guern might be?

7. What do Marcus and Esca do about their military horses while running from the tribe?

8. What does the Legate say about the Ninth Legion and what to do with the Eagle?

9. How does Marcus feel about Guern?

10. What does the old man tell Marcus about the Eagle?

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