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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Chieftain asks them to his home?
(a) The Chief of the Painted People
(b) AThe Chief of the Taula tribe
(c) An Epidaii Chieftain named Dergdian
(d) The Chief of the Icni

2. What does Guern ask in return for leading them through the bog?
(a) To see the Eagle one last time
(b) To clear his name as a deserter
(c) To carry a letter to his first wife
(d) To help the son he left in Rome

3. What does the old warrior say about Marcus and the last Eagle bearer?
(a) That Marcus looks like him
(b) That the bearer was very brave
(c) That the bearer ran
(d) That the bearer was stupid

4. What does Liathan give to Marcus?
(a) A gold bracelet
(b) The Eagle's wings
(c) His father's signet ring
(d) A message from Liathan's father

5. What did the tribe call the Roman soldiers?
(a) Evil invaders
(b) Red Crests
(c) Yellow bellies
(d) Brown warriors

Short Answer Questions

1. When three tribesmen enter the tower, what do Marcus and Esca do?

2. Why does Guern think so much bad happened to the Ninth Legion?

3. How do they elude the dogs?

4. What does the hunter do after he shares Marcus's camp?

5. What does a warrior tell Marcus about the legion?

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