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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Liathan give Marcus a gift?
(a) The old warrior sent the ring to give to Marcus
(b) In gratitude for being alive
(c) To bribe him not to kill him
(d) To trade for the Eagle

2. How do they elude the dogs?
(a) They leave some clothing in a out of the way spot
(b) They make a skunk spray
(c) They slip into a river
(d) They put wild lavender on their trail

3. That summer what area do Marcus and Esca crisscross?
(a) The Province of Stutta
(b) The Province of Yaka
(c) The Province of Valentia
(d) The villages along the Yaka River

4. When do Marcus and Esca return to Calleva?
(a) That next summer
(b) Late October
(c) In the spring
(d) During the winter

5. How do Marcus and Esca get to the wall?
(a) They take the tribesmen's two best ponies
(b) They find a boat and follow the river
(c) They keep Liathan as a hostage
(d) They run, travelling at night

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in charge of the fort at Borcovicus where Marcus and Esca come to the wall?

2. What is the tune he begins to sing?

3. Why does Guern think so much bad happened to the Ninth Legion?

4. What is the purpose of Hadrian's wall?

5. What does Esca suggest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Esca particularly valuable to the two for selling the horses and how does Marcus use that?

2. What does Marcus urge Guern to do and why does he say no?

3. When Liathan accuses Marcus of deceiving the Epidaii how does Marcus respond?

4. What does the Legate say about the Ninth Legion and what to do with the Eagle?

5. What does Esca suggest when it looks like they are going to be caught again, by the tribe?

6. How does Marcus feel about Guern?

7. What happens to Marcus and Esca when the tribesmen catch them after they leave, having stolen the Eagle?

8. What does Esca demonstrate by staying with Marcus and helping to search for the Eagle?

9. What is the rite of manhood and how do the Epidaii celebrate it?

10. Why do you think the Eagle is so important to both Rome and the Epidaii?

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