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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of rumor has the Legate heard about the ninth?
(a) That one of the northern Celtic tribes keeps the Hispana's Eagle on display
(b) That it was slaughtered to the last man
(c) That it never actually went north
(d) That the Centurion that headed it was still alive

2. Who catches Marcus's eye sitting at the games?
(a) A centurion he knew in Rome
(b) A young red-haired British girl
(c) The wolves who are fighting
(d) A blond, Roman lady

3. Who comes into the house after the Legate and the Tribune?
(a) No one else comes in the house
(b) A house servant reports a horse is lost
(c) Cottia comes from next door
(d) Cub returns from the forest

4. What does Marcus do about those who are approaching the fort?
(a) Takes 50 men to rescue them
(b) Has the archers fire on them
(c) Yells at them to run away
(d) Prays for them

5. What does Esca show Marcus to support his position?
(a) A map of Britain with Rome's positions
(b) A scar going down his front from a Roman soldier
(c) A Celtic shield boss
(d) The number of Britains who have died due to Rome

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the collapse of the first chariot do in the fight?

2. In Chapter 3, after noises heard, what does Marcus order the cohort to do?

3. What does his uncle say when Marcus says he has no pain?

4. How many men has the outpost lost in fighting?

5. What does Marcus think about the men of the village who were killed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the relationship between Marcus and Cradoc.

2. What does the physician say about Marcus's injuries and how does Marcus feel about his time at his uncle's?

3. Explain why Cottia had not returned to the garden to see Cub or Marcus for three days and what Marcus does about it.

4. Why did Cradoc and Marcus make a wager and what was the result?

5. Describe Marcus Flavius Aquila.

6. What does Marcus learn from Esca about Esca's family?

7. What is the wolf hunt for and how is Esca involved?

8. How is the rebelling village punished and how does Marcus feel about the village?

9. What does the war spear in Chapter two mean to the story?

10. How do Romans place seasoned and new soldiers in formation?

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