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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marcus build while they are resting at noon on their first day past the wall?
(a) A small altar to Mithras
(b) A tall staff
(c) A lean-to
(d) A temple to Artemis

2. What does the old man show Marcus?
(a) A Centurion's uniform
(b) A Roman short sword
(c) The wings of the Eagle
(d) A ring he took from the Legion commander

3. Why does the Chieftain invite Marcus and Esca to his home?
(a) He is always curious about strangers
(b) The Chieftain's toddler son has an eye infection
(c) His wife is sick and needs help
(d) He wants to make them slaves

4. Why is Cub so thin?
(a) He was angry at being confined
(b) The wolf would accept food only from Cottia, who had been gone a while
(c) He has been running around too much
(d) He has worms

5. For what purpose is the festival Marcus and Esca attend?
(a) For a Chieftain wedding
(b) For the boys being initiated into manhood
(c) For the new moon
(d) For the deer hunt coming up

6. What does the old warrior say about Marcus and the last Eagle bearer?
(a) That the bearer was stupid
(b) That the bearer was very brave
(c) That Marcus looks like him
(d) That the bearer ran

7. What does Marcus show Guern to get him to confess?
(a) His hands
(b) His own brand of Mithras
(c) His chin strap scar
(d) His torn leg

8. What does Marcus do with the tiny bird he carved from olive wood at home in Etruria?
(a) He leaves it under the altar
(b) He throws it into the woods
(c) He burns it
(d) He gives it to Esca

9. What Chieftain asks them to his home?
(a) The Chief of the Painted People
(b) The Chief of the Icni
(c) AThe Chief of the Taula tribe
(d) An Epidaii Chieftain named Dergdian

10. What does Marcus do when they leave Guern?
(a) He salutes him and calls him Centurion
(b) He tells him he'll name his son Guern
(c) He hugs him and calls him brother
(d) He promises gold to be sent

11. What does the Legate say about the Ninth Legion?
(a) It will be honored in Rome
(b) It will be reformed
(c) It will receive another laurel
(d) It is too disgraced to ever be reformed

12. How do they elude the dogs?
(a) They slip into a river
(b) They make a skunk spray
(c) They put wild lavender on their trail
(d) They leave some clothing in a out of the way spot

13. How does Guern help Marcus and Esca?
(a) He leads the men across a dangerous bog
(b) He gives them a plant to rub on them that messes up their smell
(c) He leads them through a haunted forest
(d) He takes them in a boat down the river to the wall

14. How do Marcus and Esca elude the riders?
(a) By slipping into a glen on foot while sending their ponies on
(b) By hiding in a cave
(c) By climbing a tree
(d) By leaping off a cliff into the water

15. What does a warrior tell Marcus about the legion?
(a) They heard of the legion but it was east of there
(b) They war on a neighboring tribe every summer
(c) They did not fight the Romans
(d) They hunted down the remnants of the Ninth Legion

Short Answer Questions

1. Three days after buying new horses what do Marcus and Esca see?

2. What happened to the Ninth legion, in the end?

3. How does Guern feel about the Eagle being stolen back from the tribes?

4. What did the tribe call the Roman soldiers?

5. Why does Guern think so much bad happened to the Ninth Legion?

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