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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Guern help Marcus and Esca?
(a) He leads them through a haunted forest
(b) He leads the men across a dangerous bog
(c) He takes them in a boat down the river to the wall
(d) He gives them a plant to rub on them that messes up their smell

2. What does Esca suggest?
(a) That they take the Chief's son hostage
(b) That they bury the Eagle and make a run for the wall
(c) That Marcus leaves him to deal with the tribesmen
(d) That Marcus stays and Esca gets the Eagle to the wall

3. What does Marcus build while they are resting at noon on their first day past the wall?
(a) A small altar to Mithras
(b) A tall staff
(c) A temple to Artemis
(d) A lean-to

4. What is the tune he begins to sing?
(a) A hymn to Mithras
(b) A boat song for rowing
(c) A song about the Roman Senate
(d) A marching song popular with the legions

5. What does the old man show Marcus?
(a) A Roman short sword
(b) A ring he took from the Legion commander
(c) A Centurion's uniform
(d) The wings of the Eagle

6. What is the result of the answer to question 164?
(a) They show the men they don't have the Eagle
(b) They are able to overpower all three men
(c) They talk them into leaving them alone
(d) They are able to kill the men

7. What does the item in question 143 look like?
(a) It was silver with a black stone
(b) It was a plain gold band with an inscription
(c) It has a large, flawed emerald and a dolphin badge
(d) It was gold with a silver crest in the middle

8. What did the tribe call the Roman soldiers?
(a) Brown warriors
(b) Yellow bellies
(c) Evil invaders
(d) Red Crests

9. Why does the Chieftain invite Marcus and Esca to his home?
(a) He wants to make them slaves
(b) The Chieftain's toddler son has an eye infection
(c) He is always curious about strangers
(d) His wife is sick and needs help

10. What happens when the villagers catch up to Marcus and Esca?
(a) The villagers ask if they saw traders take the Eagle
(b) They have to kill the villagers
(c) They are bound and taken back to the village
(d) They search their belongings for the Eagle

11. What does the old warrior say about Marcus and the last Eagle bearer?
(a) That the bearer ran
(b) That Marcus looks like him
(c) That the bearer was very brave
(d) That the bearer was stupid

12. What does the Legate suggest Marcus do with the Eagle?
(a) That he accompany the Eagle back to Rome
(b) That the Eagle stay until the legion is reformed
(c) That the Eagle be buried
(d) That the Eagle be melted down

13. How do the tribesmen know they are in the tower?
(a) They startle a raven and the bird takes flight
(b) The hounds smell them
(c) They drop a spear out the window
(d) A tribe member saw them go in it

14. What does the answer in question 127 mean as far as Guern is concerned?
(a) That he learned Latin in Rome
(b) That he has lived with Romans
(c) That he is a priest
(d) The man is a former Legionnaire

15. When do Marcus and Esca return to Calleva?
(a) In the spring
(b) During the winter
(c) Late October
(d) That next summer

Short Answer Questions

1. How far are they from Hadrian's Wall when they realize the tribesmen will come for them?

2. How does Guern feel about the Eagle being stolen back from the tribes?

3. Who has Marcus now become?

4. Who is doing the answer in question 123?

5. How do Marcus and Esca elude the riders?

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