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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a warrior tell Marcus about the legion?
(a) They heard of the legion but it was east of there
(b) They hunted down the remnants of the Ninth Legion
(c) They war on a neighboring tribe every summer
(d) They did not fight the Romans

2. What does the Legate suggest Marcus do with the Eagle?
(a) That he accompany the Eagle back to Rome
(b) That the Eagle be buried
(c) That the Eagle stay until the legion is reformed
(d) That the Eagle be melted down

3. What does the answer in question 127 mean as far as Guern is concerned?
(a) That he learned Latin in Rome
(b) The man is a former Legionnaire
(c) That he has lived with Romans
(d) That he is a priest

4. What does the Chieftain tell Marcus about his people?
(a) They wander throughout the north
(b) They are the Seal People, the keepers of the Holy Place
(c) They like the Romans
(d) They bear the wolf totem

5. Who has Marcus now become?
(a) Belva, a tribal leader
(b) Wea, Esca's brother
(c) The Invincible Anodyne of Demetrius of Alexandria
(d) A Druid priest named Sol

6. In the morning near Trinomontium what do they hear?
(a) Birds fighting
(b) An eerie whistling
(c) A rabbit screaming
(d) Wild boars fighting

7. When three tribesmen enter the tower, what do Marcus and Esca do?
(a) Hide from them
(b) Kill them
(c) Spring a surprise attack
(d) Get captured

8. How does Guern feel about the Eagle being stolen back from the tribes?
(a) He's wary that he'll be killed
(b) He's sad that the Romans have it back
(c) He's enthusiastic
(d) He doesn't care one way or the other

9. What does Liathan give to Marcus?
(a) A message from Liathan's father
(b) A gold bracelet
(c) His father's signet ring
(d) The Eagle's wings

10. What does Esca suggest?
(a) That Marcus leaves him to deal with the tribesmen
(b) That they bury the Eagle and make a run for the wall
(c) That Marcus stays and Esca gets the Eagle to the wall
(d) That they take the Chief's son hostage

11. How do Marcus and Esca elude the riders?
(a) By slipping into a glen on foot while sending their ponies on
(b) By leaping off a cliff into the water
(c) By climbing a tree
(d) By hiding in a cave

12. What does the old man show Marcus?
(a) A Centurion's uniform
(b) A Roman short sword
(c) The wings of the Eagle
(d) A ring he took from the Legion commander

13. What does Marcus see the last priest of the festival carrying out of the holy place?
(a) A face of a seal
(b) A staff with a laurel on it
(c) The Eagle of the Lost Ninth Legion
(d) A wounded Roman soldier

14. What happened to the Ninth legion, in the end?
(a) They returned to Rome
(b) The tribes hunted the Legion all the way south
(c) They fled to Germany
(d) They dispersed throughout Britain

15. Where did Cottia go?
(a) Back to her mother's house
(b) To the spa at Aquae Sulis
(c) To Rome
(d) To northern Britain

Short Answer Questions

1. For what purpose is the festival Marcus and Esca attend?

2. How does Guern help Marcus and Esca?

3. How far are they from Hadrian's Wall when they realize the tribesmen will come for them?

4. What does the old man say about Marcus's father?

5. What does the Legate say about the Ninth Legion?

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