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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of the answer to question 164?
(a) They show the men they don't have the Eagle
(b) They talk them into leaving them alone
(c) They are able to overpower all three men
(d) They are able to kill the men

2. What clues Marcus in to Guern's identity?
(a) Calluses on his palm
(b) How well he speaks English
(c) The scar from the chin strap of a Roman helmet
(d) The way he walks

3. What does Esca buy for transportation?
(a) Two war horses
(b) Two shaggy local ponies
(c) A chariot
(d) A horse and cart

4. What does the item in question 143 look like?
(a) It was a plain gold band with an inscription
(b) It was silver with a black stone
(c) It has a large, flawed emerald and a dolphin badge
(d) It was gold with a silver crest in the middle

5. In Chapter 17, why did Esca sell their horses?
(a) Their wind was broken
(b) They are too easily identified
(c) It was close enough to the wall to walk
(d) They ate too much

6. What happened to the Ninth legion, in the end?
(a) They returned to Rome
(b) The tribes hunted the Legion all the way south
(c) They fled to Germany
(d) They dispersed throughout Britain

7. Why does Liathan give Marcus a gift?
(a) To trade for the Eagle
(b) The old warrior sent the ring to give to Marcus
(c) In gratitude for being alive
(d) To bribe him not to kill him

8. What does Marcus do with the tiny bird he carved from olive wood at home in Etruria?
(a) He leaves it under the altar
(b) He throws it into the woods
(c) He gives it to Esca
(d) He burns it

9. How do the tribesmen know they are in the tower?
(a) The hounds smell them
(b) A tribe member saw them go in it
(c) They startle a raven and the bird takes flight
(d) They drop a spear out the window

10. Why does the Chieftain invite Marcus and Esca to his home?
(a) He is always curious about strangers
(b) He wants to make them slaves
(c) His wife is sick and needs help
(d) The Chieftain's toddler son has an eye infection

11. Who is doing the answer in question 123?
(a) Esca's brother, who has found him
(b) A black bird
(c) A northern tribesman
(d) Guern the Hunter

12. What does the hunter do after he shares Marcus's camp?
(a) Sneaks away
(b) Talks about his wife
(c) Invites them to his home
(d) Fights with Esca

13. After Marcus and Esca leave Guern, for what place do they search?
(a) For signs of mass graves
(b) The tribe of the Painted People
(c) The Icni tribe
(d) The Epidaii's holy place

14. What does the old warrior say about Marcus and the last Eagle bearer?
(a) That Marcus looks like him
(b) That the bearer was stupid
(c) That the bearer ran
(d) That the bearer was very brave

15. How do Marcus and Esca get to the wall?
(a) They run, travelling at night
(b) They find a boat and follow the river
(c) They keep Liathan as a hostage
(d) They take the tribesmen's two best ponies

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the old man show Marcus?

2. What does the Legate suggest Marcus do with the Eagle?

3. Where does Hadrian's wall run?

4. What does Esca do with the Eagle?

5. What does Marcus show Guern to get him to confess?

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