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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Marcus and his uncle go for entertainment?
(a) To Rome
(b) The Saturnalia Games
(c) To the ocean
(d) To hike the mountains

2. Why are they hunting ?
(a) To relieve boredom
(b) The animals have been decimating the local flocks
(c) For meat for the winter
(d) To prove who's best with a spear

3. How did Esca become enslaved?
(a) He killed a Roman horse
(b) The clan rose against their overlords and lost
(c) He stoled from a Roman legate
(d) He was caught cheating at cards

4. What does Esca do doing the surgery?
(a) Bring hot water and linens and assists the surgeon
(b) Restrains Cub
(c) Visits with Cottia
(d) Goes on a hunt to get out of the house

5. What do the rescuers form when they reach the answer in question #32?
(a) A circle
(b) They don't form anything
(c) A new testudo
(d) A line to move against the enemy

6. What has been the result of the surgery Marcus had on his leg?
(a) It's healed now, but twisted and scarred
(b) The pain is gone
(c) It's almost like it had never been injured
(d) The infection is healed

7. How does Cradoc earn his living?
(a) Cutting trees
(b) By hunting
(c) Carpentry
(d) Building small boats

8. Where does Marcus have a spear wound?
(a) His left leg
(b) In his shoulder
(c) On his arm
(d) In his stomach

9. Who catches Marcus's eye sitting at the games?
(a) A young red-haired British girl
(b) A blond, Roman lady
(c) A centurion he knew in Rome
(d) The wolves who are fighting

10. Who does Marcus see in the garden when playing with the wolf cub?
(a) Esca talking to a Britain woman
(b) A slender girl of about thirteen peering over the hedge
(c) Tribune Placidus
(d) His uncle

11. What was Esca's father's position in the tribe?
(a) No one in particular
(b) Chieftain
(c) Shaman
(d) Son of the chieftess

12. What did Marcus's uncle do before he retired?
(a) A governor
(b) A Legionnaire, a former camp commandant
(c) A senator
(d) An administrator

13. Where did the patrol that Marcus was trying to rescue go?
(a) Into the forest
(b) It stayed in the middle of the fighting until they were all killed
(c) Ran to the chariots to help Marcus
(d) It was able to rush inside the fortress

14. What will happen to the gladiator whose life Marcus saved?
(a) He'll be sold on the slave block
(b) He'll be killed
(c) He'll be freed, he's a lousy fighter
(d) He'll rest and fight another day

15. What does Marcus do about those who are approaching the fort?
(a) Has the archers fire on them
(b) Yells at them to run away
(c) Prays for them
(d) Takes 50 men to rescue them

Short Answer Questions

1. What do her aunt and uncle call her?

2. What does the leader have on his face between his brows?

3. What happens to the swordsman?

4. How many bad harvests years has Britain had before the opening of the book?

5. With whom does Cottia live?

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