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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Marcus feel towards the Tribune?
(a) He hates him
(b) He admires him
(c) Contemptuous
(d) He likes him

2. Where did the patrol that Marcus was trying to rescue go?
(a) It stayed in the middle of the fighting until they were all killed
(b) Into the forest
(c) Ran to the chariots to help Marcus
(d) It was able to rush inside the fortress

3. What was the Greek net man called by the crowds?
(a) Weaver
(b) The fisher
(c) Champion
(d) Death

4. What does Marcus think about the men of the village who were killed?
(a) That they were brave
(b) That they were stupid
(c) It was their fault for fighting
(d) All eternity will not bring back the young men

5. Who does the uncle talk to about Marcus's leg?
(a) The surgeon from the second legion
(b) A physician from Rome
(c) An old friend, Rufus Galarius
(d) A tribal medicine woman

6. In Chapter 3, after noises heard, what does Marcus order the cohort to do?
(a) To sleep with their weapons at hand
(b) To saddle their horses
(c) To settle down and sleep
(d) To get the cohort into fighting position

7. What does Marcus do before asking Esca to accompany him?
(a) Gives Esca a horse
(b) Asks Esca to swear loyalty to Rome
(c) Gives Esca a new spear
(d) Presents Esca with manumission papers, freeing him from slavery

8. What does Marcus's uncle do about his request in question 87?
(a) Tells Marcus to do it himself
(b) Says no way
(c) Reluctantly complies
(d) Tells Marcus he will next year

9. What was Galarius's former position with Rome?
(a) The senate's physician
(b) A provincial doctor
(c) Surgeon with the Second Legion
(d) The emperor's personal surgeon

10. How does Marcus recognize the man with the dinner guest?
(a) They went to officer's school together
(b) He saw him at the Saturnalia games
(c) He relieved Marcus at the Second Legion
(d) From Esca's description

11. Who catches Marcus's eye sitting at the games?
(a) A centurion he knew in Rome
(b) A young red-haired British girl
(c) A blond, Roman lady
(d) The wolves who are fighting

12. What's the name of Marcus's wolf?
(a) Dandi
(b) Cub
(c) Killer
(d) Stinger

13. What do Marcus and Esca argue about?
(a) About the food at Marcus's uncle's
(b) About Cottia
(c) What Rome has done to Britain
(d) About slavery

14. How did the uncle know this man?
(a) He was a former comrade at arms
(b) He met him in the Senate
(c) They met in the circus
(d) They lived next door to each other in Rome

15. How does Marcus feel towards Esca?
(a) He thinks he's stupid
(b) He thinks he needs more training
(c) He thinks he's a good slave
(d) He considers him a friend

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes him on the answer to question #15?

2. What is one of the activities Marcus does when not drilling with the troops?

3. How long was Marcus semi-conscious after being injured?

4. What does his uncle say when Marcus says he has no pain?

5. Who insulted Esca at the hunt?

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