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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20 Valedictory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the doctor tell Marcus about his injuries?
(a) To be patient and that his injuries will heal
(b) That he needs more medical care in Rome
(c) That he will never heal
(d) That he will be able to fight again

2. What does the old man say about Marcus's father?
(a) He flung the Eagle down and ran
(b) He killed the old man's brother
(c) He was the last soldier to bear the Eagle
(d) He was wounded but didn't die then

3. What was Cottia's father?
(a) A hunter of wild bear
(b) A horse breeder of the Iceni
(c) A tribal chieftain
(d) A warrior of the northern tribe

4. Three days after buying new horses what do Marcus and Esca see?
(a) Riders with hounds behind them
(b) The wall
(c) Esca's remaining tribal people
(d) A Roman legion come to rescue them

5. What does the item in question 82 have on it?
(a) A Druid symbol
(b) A ship and anchor
(c) A pattern that flows like wind and stars
(d) Two wolves

Short Answer Questions

1. Who storms the outpost's walls?

2. What did Maximus recommend for the fourth cohort?

3. What does Esca do doing the surgery?

4. How does Marcus feel towards Esca?

5. How long did Marcus have his command?

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