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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 The Wild Hunt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Cottia's father?
(a) A warrior of the northern tribe
(b) A hunter of wild bear
(c) A horse breeder of the Iceni
(d) A tribal chieftain

2. Who catches Marcus's eye sitting at the games?
(a) The wolves who are fighting
(b) A centurion he knew in Rome
(c) A young red-haired British girl
(d) A blond, Roman lady

3. How does Marcus feel towards the Tribune?
(a) Contemptuous
(b) He hates him
(c) He admires him
(d) He likes him

4. What happens as Marcus and his men are fighting to get back to the fort?
(a) Marcus trips and goes down
(b) A column of chariots bears down upon them
(c) Someone throws a bomb
(d) The Druids start drumming louder

5. What adorns the standard of the marchers?
(a) Nothing, it has not yet won any awards
(b) A bunch of wysteria
(c) Olive branches
(d) A laurel wreath

Short Answer Questions

1. How many bad harvests years has Britain had before the opening of the book?

2. What does Marcus notice about the item in question #20?

3. In Chapter 3, after noises heard, what does Marcus order the cohort to do?

4. What does the old man say about Marcus's father?

5. Why does Guern think so much bad happened to the Ninth Legion?

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