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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8 The Healer with the Knife.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What cohort did the leader's father command?
(a) First Calvary
(b) Tenth Cohort
(c) Ninth Legion
(d) Fifth Regiment

2. What does the doctor tell Marcus about his injuries?
(a) To be patient and that his injuries will heal
(b) That he will be able to fight again
(c) That he will never heal
(d) That he needs more medical care in Rome

3. What does Cradoc keep in reserve away from Marcus?
(a) One war spear
(b) A bear spear
(c) The gray stallion he rides
(d) His brother's spear

4. What does Cottia say about the surgery?
(a) She's sorry he has to have it done
(b) That is informed as soon as it's completed
(c) She wants to assist
(d) She wants to nurse him afterwards

5. Who planted the answer to question #13 and why?
(a) A homesick former commander
(b) A soldier whose brother was killed
(c) No one knows how it got there
(d) The wife of the present commander

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marcus plant to replant in the future?

2. What was the Greek net man called by the crowds?

3. What is Esca trying to show Marcus about Rome and Britain?

4. What adorns the standard of the marchers?

5. What will Marcus win if he is successful?

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