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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5: "Saturnalia Games".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose name is chanted by Marcus's battalion as they drive at the tribesmen with swords in Chapter 3?
(a) Tartarus's.
(b) Caesar's.
(c) Esca's.
(d) Marcus's.

2. Where is Centurion Quintus Hilarion's home?
(a) Durinum.
(b) Clusium.
(c) Isca.
(d) Calleva.

3. Near what ancient city did Marcus Flavius Aquila grow up with his mother on the family farm?
(a) Calleva.
(b) Valencia.
(c) Clusium.
(d) Isca.

4. Who is the cook at Uncle Aquila's home?
(a) Lutorius.
(b) Tartarus.
(c) Sassticca.
(d) Typhon.

5. What bird does Marcus observe when he first awakens in Chapter 4?
(a) A crow.
(b) A raven.
(c) A turkey.
(d) A pigeon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is engraved on the gold bracelet that is bestowed to Marcus in Chapter 5 (56)?

2. Who is referred to in Chapter 4 as "A most efficient officer ... with the air of a grey-headed Legate" (52)?

3. What is the name of the deep abyss used as a dungeon of torment from ancient Greek mythology that is referred to in Chapter 3?

4. What does the Latin word "testudo" refer to?

5. Who is described in Chapter 2 as "a little red angry man who had missed promotion and grown overfull of his own importance in consequence" (19)?

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