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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16 The Ring-Brooch.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Marcus feel towards Esca?
(a) He thinks he needs more training
(b) He considers him a friend
(c) He thinks he's a good slave
(d) He thinks he's stupid

2. What is the purpose of Hadrian's wall?
(a) To keep back mud slides
(b) To keep the northern tribes from invading
(c) To give travellers a place to rest
(d) To tame the forests

3. What does Esca return with from the hunt?
(a) A wolf cub
(b) Two dozen pheasants
(c) A wound in his knee
(d) A boar hide

4. Where does Hadrian's wall run?
(a) From Rome to Britain
(b) From Luguvallium to Segedunum, bisecting the country
(c) There is no Hadrian's wall
(d) From north to south Britain

5. What does Marcus build while they are resting at noon on their first day past the wall?
(a) A small altar to Mithras
(b) A lean-to
(c) A temple to Artemis
(d) A tall staff

Short Answer Questions

1. When talking about his childhood what does Esca reveal to Marcus about Rome?

2. How far are they from Hadrian's Wall when they realize the tribesmen will come for them?

3. What does Esca suggest?

4. What does Esca do with the Eagle?

5. What was Esca's father's position in the tribe?

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