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Roman Britain - As a young Centurion, Marcus accepts his first post as cohort commander in this country. During the novel he travels throughout the isle.

Etruria - Marcus's home is present-day Tuscany, Italy. He has fond memories of his family's Tuscan farm and longs to return there someday.

The Brand of Mithras - Like many members of the Roman Legion, Marcus worships the god Mithras and bears this symbol of initiation between his brows. Mithras was the savior god of a mysterious religion originating in Greece.

The Eagle - The standard of each Roman Legion was this. It symbolized the Legion's honor. Some standard bearers were even said to force cowardly troops into battle simply by advancing with it, since no soldier would knowingly allow this to be captured.

The Signet Ring - Marcus's father, who is unnamed in the novel, wore this. It was set...

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