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Roman Britain

This central setting in the novel serves as a backdrop for Marcus Aquila's first post and includes the area where his uncle lives.


This setting is the homeland of the protagonist. It is located in present-day Tuscany, Italy.


This god from Roman mythology is worshiped by the protagonist and several other members of the Roman Legion.

The Eagle

This central symbolic object in the novel represents Marcus's father's reputation and honor. It is seized by Marcus in the North.

Signet Ring

This object is given to Marcus by Liathan, as it belonged to his father.

Hadrian's Wall

This dividing marker separated Roman Britain from the Celtic tribes of Scotland.

Bronze Ring Brooch

This object appears on Marcus's cloak when he is disguised as Demetrius of Alexandria. It is later discovered by the tribesmen of the North, indicating Marcus's guilt in stealing the Eagle.

Aquae Sulis

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