The Eagle of the Ninth Character Descriptions

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Marcus Flavius Aquila

This character is the central protagonist in The Eagle of the Ninth. In the opening of the novel, he is the Auxiliary Cohort of the Second Roman Legion. After a bloody battle leaves him permanently disabled, he moves to stay with his uncle before departing on a mission to find the Eagle of the Ninth Legion.

Esca Mac Cunoval

This character is introduced during the Saturnalia Games where he fights as a gladiator. After losing the fight, this character is purchased by the protagonist as a body-slave.

Uncle Aquila

This character who lives on a quiet farm in Calleva takes in the protagonist after he has been badly injured in battle.


This Centurion is the Second-in-Command of the protagonist's Cohort.


This character serves as a hunting guide to the protagonist at camp. He betrays the protagonist and almost kills him with his chariot.


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