The Eagle of the Ninth Character Descriptions

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Marcus Flavius Aquila

Just nineteen years old, Marcus is a thin, dark, arrogant citizen of the city of Rome. His forehead is branded between the brows, showing the mark of the Raven degree of Mithras. He is the son of a soldier. As a boy, he lived quietly on the family farm near Clusium while his father served with Legions in Judea, Egypt and Britain. His father had planned to retire in Britain, but instead marched out with the ill-fated Ninth Legion, the Hispana, never to be heard of again.

Esca MacCunoval

He is a gladiator and slave about Marcus's own age, nineteen or twenty years old. He is the son of Cunoval and a member of the Brigante tribe. He has been a slave just two years, captured during his tribe's uprising against the Roman overlords. He is a former armor-bearer, assisting his father before he was...

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