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Chapter 1: "Frontier Fort"

• NOTE: Citations in this Lesson Plan refer to the following version of the book: Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Eagle of the Ninth. First Sunburst Edition. 1954.

• The Eagle of the Ninth is a historical novel set in the 2nd Century in Roman Britain and the narrative is related from the third-person perspective of an omniscient unnamed narrator.

• Prior to Chapter 1, the author includes a brief preface that states her inspiration for writing the novel. This inspiration relates to two mysteries: one involves the discovery of a Roman Eagle in excavations in Silchester, while the other involves the disappearance of the Roman Ninth Legion.

• The novel’s protagonist, Centurion Marcus Flavius Aquila, is introduced in Chapter 1: "Frontier Fort."

• Marcus is the leader of the Auxiliary Cohort of the Second Roman Legion. He and his men are marching on a British road to their assignment.

• Marcus recalls his father...

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