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Short Answer Questions

1. Observing what he does about the Gassers' dates, what does Rufus also see those Gassers doing?

2. When the Moors arrive at training camp, Ernie Brown greets them and does what?

3. After Rufus strikes Simon at the phone booth, he manages to fend off an attack by whom?

4. Rufus proposes that Pelican's gang do what when the Moors tangle with the Gassers?

5. Whereas Rufus felt a graduation celebration was a silly notion earlier, why is it he thinks it is a good idea now?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Alex Robbins' reaction when the Moors tell him they desire to host a black-tie event at a local hall, including several hundred guests as well as police presence?

2. What happens when Rufus Henry, feeling embarrassed regarding the Ernie Brown scrapbook incident, meets up with his gang at the Happy Place?

3. What proposal does Rufus Henry make to the leader of the Aztecs after Pelican Smith says no?

4. What are some of Rufus Henry's observations when he arrives at the Marauders' training camp with his gang for the first time?

5. How do the Moors get the Gassers to the location where they trip and fall over?

6. What type of trouble does Rufus Henry initially encounter with the rifle that Willie obtains?

7. Why does Rufus Henry go to the residence of the leader of the Bloods, Pelican Smith?

8. What does Ernie Brown suggest the boys begin in the projects?

9. What happens when Simon Jones tells Ernie Brown that Rufus Henry maintains a scrapbook on Ernie?

10. On Friday night of the graduation celebration, what does Rufus Henry observe as he makes his way to the event with his date?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How do the violent events that transpire in the early part of Frank Bonham's novel compare with those in the concluding chapters? What is the mood the author has set by the conclusion of the novel? Is Rufus Henry comfortable in his selecting correct action versus gang violence? How does the protagonist appear to feel as he makes future plans with his mother and Alex Robbins in the final scene?

Essay Topic 2

Spell out why sections cut from a hose and filled with sand represent for Rufus Henry a powerful symbol. How do empty hose pieces reflect caution on his part? How do sand-filled hose sections depict lack of caution on the part of his fellow gang members? Why does Rufus turn Judy Williams and Nonie Emrey away when they offer assistance? What is Rufus fearful of?

Essay Topic 3

For a youth who must stay clear of trouble, why does Rufus Henry's new residence on Teagarden Street represent a hindrance? Why will Rufus feel uncomfortable spending lengthy periods of time there? Where will he likely be spending his time instead? What impact are his new surroundings in the Durango Housing Project likely to have?

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