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Short Answer Questions

1. Rufus advises Willie to do what with regards to the rifle?

2. On the evening a carload of Moors makes its way to the Heights, a lookout named Shankman sees the car and does what?

3. Rufus is pleased with the plan to hold the dance, as he thinks Simon will try to make trouble and what will happen?

4. The Moors speed toward Fat Boy's drive-in and find what at the phone booth?

5. Which of the Moors has a sense of how to play the football from Rufus' perspective?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rufus Henry learn when he returns home and discovers Alex Robbins is there?

2. What task does Rufus Henry have Idell and Baby Gibson perform in preparation for the rumble with the Gassers?

3. After Alex Robbins arrives for the 7 p.m. meeting with the Moors at the playground, what does he tell them regarding the Gassers accompanying them to the Marauders' training camp?

4. What are some of Rufus Henry's observations when he arrives at the Marauders' training camp with his gang for the first time?

5. What happens when Willie takes the Moors to see the gun he has obtained?

6. How do the Moors prompt the Gassers to chase them to the location they want the attack to take place that evening?

7. What do Sergeant Starkey and Alex Robbins discuss in their private conversation subsequent to Rufus Henry destroying Simon Jones' car?

8. At the playground while the Moors are awaiting the arrival of Alex Robbins for a 7 p.m. meeting, two girls approach them in the dark and propose what?

9. What is Rufus Henry's reaction the next time Nonie Emrey and Judy Williams discuss the Moors sponsoring a graduation celebration?

10. What happens when Simon Jones tells Ernie Brown that Rufus Henry maintains a scrapbook on Ernie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Delineate how characterization is central within the final chapters. What are some of the ways Rufus Henry demonstrates his having matured? How does the graduation dance mark Rufus' shift? What conscious decisions does Rufus begin making in his transition from crime and violence to constructive action? Whereas he had previously thought the graduation dance would be a means of getting Simon Jones locked up for a good while, what does he attempt to do as he is entering the event? What actions does he take that are responsible when the Gassers cause trouble at the affair? When he is having his discussion with his mother and Alex Robbins following the dance, what does Rufus recognize regarding the future course he will be taking?

Essay Topic 2

Why is it that the Moors youths do not initially trust social worker Alex Robbins from the Group Service Council? Do they recognize that he understands the boys' fears? Do they understand that he means to be helpful? How do they display their distrust? Consider how positive attention, coming from this fatherly figure, surprises youths having no fathers in the picture.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapters 4-6, Frank Bonham focuses on characterization of Rufus Henry. What sort of definable character does Bonham craft Rufus into? How is he displayed to be a dreamer? How is he shown to have a strong practical side? How do Rufus' age and the environment he has come from come into play?

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