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Short Answer Questions

1. Alex Robbins stops by Rufus' home after the dance and Mrs. Henry brings up what topic?

2. Pelican does what in response to the proposal Rufus makes to him?

3. If he did not buy the gun for him, Willie threatens to expose the illegal dealings of an adult who goes by what name?

4. The police offer arrests Simon for what charge?

5. Whitey drives Rufus to the home of Pelican Smith, leader of what rival gang?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the steps Rufus Henry takes on the day he plans to retaliate against the Gassers?

2. What happens when Willie takes the Moors to see the gun he has obtained?

3. What proposal does Rufus Henry make to the leader of the Aztecs after Pelican Smith says no?

4. After they trip over the wire running between the two sheds, what causes the Gassers to think they are hearing guns firing?

5. What sort of costs do the Moors encounter when making arrangements for the graduation celebration?

6. On Friday night of the graduation celebration, what does Rufus Henry observe as he makes his way to the event with his date?

7. What happens when Rufus Henry sees that the Gassers' dates are no longer present?

8. What happens when Rufus Henry comes out of the back office after calling for fire department assistance?

9. What do Sergeant Starkey and Alex Robbins discuss in their private conversation subsequent to Rufus Henry destroying Simon Jones' car?

10. What does Ernie Brown suggest the boys begin in the projects?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In what ways does Rufus Henry display his cleverness in retaliating against the Gassers for attacking his sister? What sort of trap does he set up? How does he get them to fall into that trap? What reward do the Moors achieve? What risk do they take? How wise is it on Rufus' part to take such a risk?

Essay Topic 2

Rufus Henry recognizes that he wants to attend college, but to do so requires him to obtain a scholarship. What sports scholarship does Rufus seek? What steps is Rufus following toward achieving that goal? What dietary procedures is he pursuing? What sort of employment does Rufus feel he must obtain in order to develop his muscles?

Essay Topic 3

To Frank Bonham, setting is very important. What sort of picture does he display in the opening chapters of Rufus Henry's new environment in the Durango Housing Project? Consider how Bonham presents the condition of the residences on Teagarden Street, the interior of Rufus' new home, and the alley providing his initial experience with the Gassers. How do these unpleasant surroundings contribute to Rufus feeling trapped?

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