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Short Answer Questions

1. While Rufus is still stalling in the store, a boy with red hair enters to do what?

2. Rufus emerges out of the conflict with Bantu a leader who truly deserves what?

3. What does Rufus' mother tell him took place regarding her marriage to Ernie Brown?

4. Rufus' mother says Rufus may take his sister along to the store, but his brother must stay behind to do what?

5. While looking at his scrapbook, what is Rufus thinking?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rufus Henry remain safe when the members of the Gassers gang surround him in the alley?

2. At the beginning of Durango Street, what is it Rufus Henry's parole officer, Ed Travers, initially ensures?

3. How is it that Rufus Henry becomes leader of the Moors?

4. How is it that Rufus Henry is let into the Moors gang after the president of the gang initially says no to his request?

5. What does Rufus Henry do when Alex Robbins finds the Moors boys for the first time?

6. After the police officer who pulls them over for questioning lets them go, what does Rufus Henry tell his sister as they continue to the grocery?

7. In the weekly conversation that social worker Mr. Rubio has with Rufus Henry where they discuss his Ernie Brown scrapbook, what news does he relay to Rufus?

8. Why is Rufus Henry nervous about going to the Durango Housing Project?

9. How is it that Rufus Henry displays his practical side when initially encountering the Gassers gang?

10. What happens when Rufus Henry learns that Ernie Brown will soon join the Marauders?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the passage Frank Bonham presents in Chapters 22-24, the main subplot of Durango Street takes focus. What is Rufus Henry inclined to believe when his mother, earlier in the story, tells him a news article has gotten Ernie Brown's hometown wrong? What happens after he meets Ernie in terms of receiving no special treatment? What transpires once the connection between Rufus and Ernie is revealed to be untrue? Why would she make such a story up? Once Rufus' connection with Ernie is exposed to be false, Rufus recognizes he must do what?

Essay Topic 2

To Frank Bonham, setting is very important. What sort of picture does he display in the opening chapters of Rufus Henry's new environment in the Durango Housing Project? Consider how Bonham presents the condition of the residences on Teagarden Street, the interior of Rufus' new home, and the alley providing his initial experience with the Gassers. How do these unpleasant surroundings contribute to Rufus feeling trapped?

Essay Topic 3

What are the ways in which Frank Bonham demonstrates that Rufus Henry's maintenance of an emotionless fa├žade is critical to him? How are sunglasses a significant symbol in this story? In what fashion does Rufus unnerve his opponents in fights? Why does Rufus attempt to hide his appreciation of Ernie Brown as a football hero, although the other youths are clearly his fans?

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