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Short Answer Questions

1. Who convinces the other Moors members to allow him to speak as their representative to Alex Robbins?

2. What does Rufus' mother tell him took place regarding her marriage to Ernie Brown?

3. Rufus manages to hold his own against Bantu, forcing him to drop his knife, and then what?

4. In studying their file, Alex Robbins learns how many of the Moors have their fathers supporting them?

5. Rufus desires to make a truce with the other gangs in the city so the Moors can then do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Once safe at home following his confrontation with the Gassers in the alley, what is his mother's response when Rufus Henry asks her about her first marriage?

2. Why is the house in the Durango Housing Project not one in which Rufus Henry will feel at home?

3. What are some of the things Alex Robbins from the Group Service Council learns upon studying the Moors' police file on the morning following the call he receives from Ed Travers?

4. Why is it that Rufus Henry intentionally ruins tires he is working on at his new job in the repair shop?

5. How is it that Rufus Henry is let into the Moors gang after the president of the gang initially says no to his request?

6. What happens when Rufus Henry learns that Ernie Brown will soon join the Marauders?

7. How does Rufus Henry deal with Idell subsequent to Rufus' fight with Bantu Motley?

8. In the meeting following his fight with Bantu Motley, what does Rufus Henry suggest regarding how the Moors should deal with the Gassers?

9. At the beginning of Durango Street, what is it Rufus Henry's parole officer, Ed Travers, initially ensures?

10. In the weekly conversation that social worker Mr. Rubio has with Rufus Henry where they discuss his Ernie Brown scrapbook, what news does he relay to Rufus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the passage Frank Bonham presents in Chapters 22-24, the main subplot of Durango Street takes focus. What is Rufus Henry inclined to believe when his mother, earlier in the story, tells him a news article has gotten Ernie Brown's hometown wrong? What happens after he meets Ernie in terms of receiving no special treatment? What transpires once the connection between Rufus and Ernie is revealed to be untrue? Why would she make such a story up? Once Rufus' connection with Ernie is exposed to be false, Rufus recognizes he must do what?

Essay Topic 2

For a youth who must stay clear of trouble, why does Rufus Henry's new residence on Teagarden Street represent a hindrance? Why will Rufus feel uncomfortable spending lengthy periods of time there? Where will he likely be spending his time instead? What impact are his new surroundings in the Durango Housing Project likely to have?

Essay Topic 3

How do the violent events that transpire in the early part of Frank Bonham's novel compare with those in the concluding chapters? What is the mood the author has set by the conclusion of the novel? Is Rufus Henry comfortable in his selecting correct action versus gang violence? How does the protagonist appear to feel as he makes future plans with his mother and Alex Robbins in the final scene?

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