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Short Answer Questions

1. What topic does Mr. Rubio slyly try to introduce into the conversation?

2. What is the final tally in the vote regarding Rufus joining the Moors?

3. As soon as Rufus makes his pledge and shakes Bantu's hand, what transpires next?

4. Rufus' winning his fight against Bantu without inflicting the severe damage a knife brings with it symbolizes what?

5. What is Sergeant Starkey's response when Alex Robbins first stops by the police station and tells him his role is to break up the Moors?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rufus Henry deal with Idell subsequent to Rufus' fight with Bantu Motley?

2. Later on the evening that Rufus Henry accepts membership into the Moors gang, why is it that Ed Travers makes a call on Rufus' behalf?

3. In Chapters 4-6, how is it that author Frank Bonham focuses upon crafting Rufus Henry's character?

4. Why is it that Rufus Henry intentionally ruins tires he is working on at his new job in the repair shop?

5. Before leaving the crafts center, how does Rufus Henry manage to embarrass himself when Alex Robbins attempts to find out if the Moors have an interest in watching the Marauders practice?

6. In the weekly conversation that social worker Mr. Rubio has with Rufus Henry where they discuss his Ernie Brown scrapbook, what news does he relay to Rufus?

7. Why is the house in the Durango Housing Project not one in which Rufus Henry will feel at home?

8. At the beginning of the novel, during his weekly meeting with Rufus Henry, how does social worker Mr. Rubio attempt to let Rufus know he is aware of his Ernie Brown scrapbook?

9. At the beginning of Durango Street, what is it Rufus Henry's parole officer, Ed Travers, initially ensures?

10. What Is Rufus Henry's recollection of his mother first telling him about her marriage to Ernie Brown?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the positives and the negatives of how Rufus Henry deals with Willie reportedly joining the Gassers gang? Is it wise to lead his gang members to find Willie to beat him out of the Moors? Is it noble on Rufus' part to stop the attack because he believed him, or simply useful because it was a convenient way to obtain a rifle? Is it wise on Rufus' part to seek out a firearm?

Essay Topic 2

In what ways does Rufus Henry display his cleverness in retaliating against the Gassers for attacking his sister? What sort of trap does he set up? How does he get them to fall into that trap? What reward do the Moors achieve? What risk do they take? How wise is it on Rufus' part to take such a risk?

Essay Topic 3

Rufus Henry recognizes that he wants to attend college, but to do so requires him to obtain a scholarship. What sports scholarship does Rufus seek? What steps is Rufus following toward achieving that goal? What dietary procedures is he pursuing? What sort of employment does Rufus feel he must obtain in order to develop his muscles?

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