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Short Answer Questions

1. In studying their file, Alex Robbins learns how many of the Moors have their fathers supporting them?

2. While holding the broken bottle in defense, what does Rufus say he is demanding the Gassers' car keys for?

3. When Rufus asks his mother if she was really married to Ernie Brown, what is her response?

4. What does Rufus ask the president of Baby's gang for?

5. The meetings Rufus has with Mr. Rubio transpire when?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the meeting following his fight with Bantu Motley, what does Rufus Henry suggest regarding how the Moors should deal with the Gassers?

2. Why is it that members of the Gassers gang all have the same hair color?

3. Why is it that Rufus Henry intentionally ruins tires he is working on at his new job in the repair shop?

4. Before leaving the crafts center, how does Rufus Henry manage to embarrass himself when Alex Robbins attempts to find out if the Moors have an interest in watching the Marauders practice?

5. En route to the store, what quickly happens when Rufus Henry and his sister encounter a carload of gang members?

6. What does Rufus Henry do when Alex Robbins finds the Moors boys for the first time?

7. After the police officer who pulls them over for questioning lets them go, what does Rufus Henry tell his sister as they continue to the grocery?

8. Later on the evening that Rufus Henry accepts membership into the Moors gang, why is it that Ed Travers makes a call on Rufus' behalf?

9. How does the knife fight between Bantu Motley and Rufus Henry proceed?

10. In the opening chapters, what type of picture does author Frank Bonham paint of Rufus Henry's new environment in the Durango Housing Project?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapters 4-6, Frank Bonham focuses on characterization of Rufus Henry. What sort of definable character does Bonham craft Rufus into? How is he displayed to be a dreamer? How is he shown to have a strong practical side? How do Rufus' age and the environment he has come from come into play?

Essay Topic 2

Elaborate on how Frank Bonham utilizes foreshadowing in Durango Street. Consider the scene wherein the Gassers confront Rufus Henry in the alley by the grocery, he produces a weapon, and includes Simon Jones' car. How is this episode in comparison with the subsequent confrontation between the Moors and the Gassers by the sheds near the freeway?

Essay Topic 3

To Frank Bonham, setting is very important. What sort of picture does he display in the opening chapters of Rufus Henry's new environment in the Durango Housing Project? Consider how Bonham presents the condition of the residences on Teagarden Street, the interior of Rufus' new home, and the alley providing his initial experience with the Gassers. How do these unpleasant surroundings contribute to Rufus feeling trapped?

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