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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ernie Brown arrives for the rally, a crowd of both adults and children circles him, but who has not shown up yet?
(a) Simon Jones.
(b) Alex Robbins.
(c) Sergeant Starkey.
(d) Whitey James.

2. Rufus tells Baby and Idell to cut up what in order to make weapons for Moors boys?
(a) Metal pipe.
(b) Wooden stair railing.
(c) Garden hose.
(d) Heavy playground chain.

3. Alex Robbins tells Rufus he will stop by his home when during their ride with Ernie Brown?
(a) That evening.
(b) The next afternoon.
(c) The next evening.
(d) The next morning.

4. Which police officer brings in a Gasser discovered in the alley?
(a) Patrol Officer Starkey.
(b) Patrol Officer Wenzle.
(c) Sergeant Starkey.
(d) Sergeant Wenzle.

5. Tojo turns Rufus down, but his gang throws a bottle at Rufus, Whitey, and who else as they are leaving?
(a) Idell.
(b) Leeroy.
(c) Baby and Leeroy.
(d) Baby.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Moors get a discount on the usual premises fee?

2. On the evening a carload of Moors makes its way to the Heights, a lookout named Shankman sees the car and does what?

3. What does an officer do as he sees Rufus verge on Simon at the dance?

4. Where does Rufus tell the Moors the gun will be hidden?

5. Ernie Brown suggests that the gang members initiate a league in the projects, and he gives them what to practice with?

Short Essay Questions

1. After they trip over the wire running between the two sheds, what causes the Gassers to think they are hearing guns firing?

2. What are some of Rufus Henry's observations when he arrives at the Marauders' training camp with his gang for the first time?

3. At the playground while the Moors are awaiting the arrival of Alex Robbins for a 7 p.m. meeting, two girls approach them in the dark and propose what?

4. On Friday night of the graduation celebration, what does Rufus Henry observe as he makes his way to the event with his date?

5. What transpires when Alex Robbins later stops by Rufus Henry's home after the graduation celebration?

6. While hanging out at Baby Gibson's building getting drunk and telling stories, what does Rufus Henry realize?

7. What happens when Rufus Henry sees that the Gassers' dates are no longer present?

8. What is Rufus Henry's reaction the next time Nonie Emrey and Judy Williams discuss the Moors sponsoring a graduation celebration?

9. What happens when Simon Jones tells Ernie Brown that Rufus Henry maintains a scrapbook on Ernie?

10. What does Ernie Brown suggest the boys begin in the projects?

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