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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Moors make arrangements to hire how large a band for the graduation event?
(a) Three-member.
(b) Five-member.
(c) Four-member.
(d) Six-member.

2. Upon seeing smoke and smelling burning rubber, Alex Robbins and Rufus have the band's leader make what announcement?
(a) There is no fire, only some overheated electrical band equipment.
(b) The motor on the air conditioning unit is overheating.
(c) Someone has ignited a smoke bomb in the basement.
(d) Someone has thrown some rubber in the furnace.

3. Where does Rufus tell the Moors the gun will be hidden?
(a) Behind the furnace.
(b) In an air vent.
(c) Below the floor boards.
(d) In an elevator shaft.

4. The Moors speed toward Fat Boy's drive-in and find what at the phone booth?
(a) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, but he is not in sight.
(b) Neither Simon Jones nor his car are initially in sight.
(c) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, and he is inside his car.
(d) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, and he is at the booth.

5. Inside one of the structures, Baby gives Leeroy the signal to connect a battery that sets off the dynamite caps, which are what?
(a) Planted along the chain-link fence.
(b) Planted above the ground.
(c) Planted in the ground.
(d) Planted attached to the trip wire.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the Moors arrive at training camp, Ernie Brown greets them and does what?

2. Rufus also advises Simon at this entrapment to leave his car as what?

3. The Gassers run away from the dynamite caps scene, thinking what?

4. When Rufus makes fun of Nonie's and Judy's celebration plans, Nonie responds how?

5. What are the Moors doing while they are hanging out after Rufus has told them about his "mystery sniper" plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rufus Henry gain possession of the Gassers' car and destroy it?

2. What does Ernie Brown suggest the boys begin in the projects?

3. What task does Rufus Henry have Idell and Baby Gibson perform in preparation for the rumble with the Gassers?

4. What happens when Rufus Henry sees that the Gassers' dates are no longer present?

5. How do the Moors prompt the Gassers to chase them to the location they want the attack to take place that evening?

6. What happens when Willie takes the Moors to see the gun he has obtained?

7. What sort of costs do the Moors encounter when making arrangements for the graduation celebration?

8. What is Rufus Henry's reaction the next time Nonie Emrey and Judy Williams discuss the Moors sponsoring a graduation celebration?

9. What type of trouble does Rufus Henry initially encounter with the rifle that Willie obtains?

10. What takes place when Rufus Henry notices the arrival of Simon Jones and his date?

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