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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The police offer arrests Simon for what charge?
(a) Petty theft.
(b) Breaking and entering.
(c) Larceny.
(d) Possession of stolen property.

2. What does Rufus promise to Pelican in exchange if they accept his proposal?
(a) The Moors will return the favor when asked.
(b) The Moors will provide them with narcotics.
(c) The Moors will help them steal cars.
(d) The Moors will provide them with alcohol.

3. What do the Moors plan to do to get money to buy sneakers and T-shirts as workout clothes?
(a) Wash house windows.
(b) Sell newspapers.
(c) Deliver groceries.
(d) Hold a car wash.

4. Rufus tells Baby and Idell to cut up what in order to make weapons for Moors boys?
(a) Garden hose.
(b) Wooden stair railing.
(c) Heavy playground chain.
(d) Metal pipe.

5. As Rufus leads the Moors from stealing and to eat instead, they run into Nonie and Judy a second time and the girls do what?
(a) Request the boys sponsor a masquerade.
(b) Request the boys sponsor a dinner.
(c) Request the boys sponsor a semiformal.
(d) Request the boys sponsor a black tie dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Rufus approaches Simon?

2. When Ernie Brown arrives for the rally, a crowd of both adults and children circles him, but who has not shown up yet?

3. As Ernie Brown is signing autographs, Rufus suddenly notices Simon has arrived carrying a large object in a bag that turns out to be what?

4. Alex Robbins tells Rufus he will stop by his home when during their ride with Ernie Brown?

5. Nonie Emrey and Judy Williams are at the Happy Place discussing a graduation celebration they wish to throw despite what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What proposal does Rufus Henry make to the leader of the Aztecs after Pelican Smith says no?

2. What happens when Simon Jones takes Rufus Henry's scrapbook from a bag and asks Ernie Brown to autograph it?

3. What are some of the steps Rufus Henry takes on the day he plans to retaliate against the Gassers?

4. What happens when Rufus Henry sees that the Gassers' dates are no longer present?

5. What is Alex Robbins' reaction when the Moors tell him they desire to host a black-tie event at a local hall, including several hundred guests as well as police presence?

6. What transpires when Alex Robbins later stops by Rufus Henry's home after the graduation celebration?

7. What happens when Rufus Henry comes out of the back office after calling for fire department assistance?

8. What task does Rufus Henry have Idell and Baby Gibson perform in preparation for the rumble with the Gassers?

9. After they trip over the wire running between the two sheds, what causes the Gassers to think they are hearing guns firing?

10. What does Ernie Brown suggest the boys begin in the projects?

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