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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Gassers run away from the dynamite caps scene, thinking what?
(a) Guns are being fired.
(b) The police are arriving on scene.
(c) Dynamite is going off.
(d) Firebombs are being used.

2. Rufus is surprised that wearing their best clothes and paying an admission causes everyone to do what?
(a) Complain about having to wear their best clothes.
(b) Complain about the cost of the admission.
(c) Act quietly this evening.
(d) Act on their best behavior.

3. What do Rufus and his mother do in response to Alex Robbins' recommendation regarding the pigtail being cut off?
(a) Rufus' mother follows Alex Robbins' proposal, Rufus does not.
(b) Rufus follows Alex Robbins' proposal, his mother does not.
(c) Both Rufus and his mother refuse to follow Alex Robbins' proposal.
(d) Both Rufus and his mother agree to follow Alex Robbins' proposal.

4. What are the Moors doing while they are hanging out after Rufus has told them about his "mystery sniper" plan?
(a) Drinking soda.
(b) Smoking marijuana.
(c) Getting drunk.
(d) Using narcotics.

5. What does Rufus notice about the Gassers' dates later?
(a) They are hanging near the rear exit door.
(b) They are associating with dates of Moors members.
(c) They have disappeared.
(d) They appear intoxicated.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rufus advises Willie to do what with regards to the rifle?

2. Willie takes Rufus and the Moors to a spot where he has hidden the rifle that is located where?

3. On the evening a carload of Moors makes its way to the Heights, a lookout named Shankman sees the car and does what?

4. For roughing up Rufus' sister and cutting off one of her pigtails, Alex Robbins encourages her family to do what?

5. What does Rufus promise to Pelican in exchange if they accept his proposal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Rufus Henry sees that the Gassers' dates are no longer present?

2. Why does Rufus Henry go to the residence of the leader of the Bloods, Pelican Smith?

3. What type of trouble does Rufus Henry initially encounter with the rifle that Willie obtains?

4. What is Alex Robbins' reaction when the Moors tell him they desire to host a black-tie event at a local hall, including several hundred guests as well as police presence?

5. What transpires when Alex Robbins later stops by Rufus Henry's home after the graduation celebration?

6. What is Rufus Henry's reaction the next time Nonie Emrey and Judy Williams discuss the Moors sponsoring a graduation celebration?

7. What does Ernie Brown suggest the boys begin in the projects?

8. On Friday night of the graduation celebration, what does Rufus Henry observe as he makes his way to the event with his date?

9. What proposal does Rufus Henry make to the leader of the Aztecs after Pelican Smith says no?

10. What task does Rufus Henry have Idell and Baby Gibson perform in preparation for the rumble with the Gassers?

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