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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sergeant Starkey's response when Alex Robbins first stops by the police station and tells him his role is to break up the Moors?
(a) A Moors member is in custody for narcotics possession.
(b) The Moors had an initiation for a new member the previous night.
(c) The Moors is a gang with some members in prison.
(d) The leader of the Moors is under arrest, and others are frequently.

2. Who are Rufus' siblings who greet him?
(a) Janet, Custer.
(b) Janet, Curtis.
(c) Janice, Curtis.
(d) Janet, Cutler.

3. What does Rufus offer Idell a chance to do following Bantu's defeat?
(a) Replace Bantu as president of the Moors.
(b) Exit the gang without a beating.
(c) Join Bantu in the Gassers.
(d) Leave the Moors with only a beating.

4. What is the name of the team Ernie Brown is being traded to in Coast City?
(a) The Miners.
(b) The Mariners.
(c) The Mavericks.
(d) The Marauders.

5. Where does Alex Robbins initially locate the Moors?
(a) On the street outside the apartments where Baby lives.
(b) Outside the Happy Spot taco stand.
(c) Outside the Fat Boy's drive-in.
(d) On top of the apartment building where Baby lives.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the gang members reflect their vote for Rufus to join the Moors?

2. When Alex Robbins incorrectly relates some of Ernie Brown's stats, Rufus corrects him and then is embarrassed for what reason?

3. While holding the broken bottle in defense, what does Rufus say he is demanding the Gassers' car keys for?

4. The other Moors members, who all had been beaten by Bantu when they joined the gang, now seem what?

5. En route to the store, kids in a car with a "Gassers" sticker throw what at Rufus?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the knife fight between Bantu Motley and Rufus Henry proceed?

2. How is it that Rufus Henry displays his practical side when initially encountering the Gassers gang?

3. At the beginning of Durango Street, what is it Rufus Henry's parole officer, Ed Travers, initially ensures?

4. Later on the evening that Rufus Henry accepts membership into the Moors gang, why is it that Ed Travers makes a call on Rufus' behalf?

5. How is it that Rufus Henry is let into the Moors gang after the president of the gang initially says no to his request?

6. What transpires when Rufus Henry initially meets up with the other Moors members at the crafts room at the Walnut Street playground to meet Alex Robbins?

7. What transpires when Bantu Motley initially leaves jail and meets up with Moors members at the Happy Spot?

8. Why is Rufus Henry nervous about going to the Durango Housing Project?

9. Why is it that members of the Gassers gang all have the same hair color?

10. In Chapters 4-6, how is it that author Frank Bonham focuses upon crafting Rufus Henry's character?

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