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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pelican does what in response to the proposal Rufus makes to him?
(a) Turns him down, offers a beer as a token gesture before he leaves.
(b) Turns him down, lets him leave Smith's gang's turf unharmed.
(c) Turns him down, lets him go unharmed if he leaves in 5 minutes.
(d) Turns him down, lets him go unharmed if he leaves in 1 minute.

2. If he did not buy the gun for him, Willie threatens to expose the illegal dealings of an adult who goes by what name?
(a) Golden.
(b) Goldie.
(c) Granite.
(d) Grenade.

3. Rufus proposes that Pelican's gang do what when the Moors tangle with the Gassers?
(a) Steer clear of the fight and not take sides.
(b) Provide some weapons for the Moors.
(c) Provide an alibi for the Moors.
(d) Team up with the Moors.

4. The Moors gather to await Ernie Brown and the beginning of the football rally when Rufus notices what?
(a) Ernie Brown is with the Gassers near the far end of the field.
(b) Willie is not there.
(c) Alex Robbins is sitting with the Gassers.
(d) Police officers are on patrol in the area.

5. Alex Robbins tells Rufus he will stop by his home when during their ride with Ernie Brown?
(a) That evening.
(b) The next evening.
(c) The next morning.
(d) The next afternoon.

6. When Rufus next talks with Willie after the scrapbook incident at the rally, how soon does he say he needs Willie to get him a rifle?
(a) A week.
(b) Two days.
(c) The next day.
(d) Three days.

7. Simon has a girl's pigtail connected on display where?
(a) Attached to his interior rear-view mirror.
(b) Hanging over the back of his neck from his hat brim.
(c) Attached to his car antenna.
(d) Attached to his exterior rear-view mirror.

8. Tojo turns Rufus down, but his gang throws a bottle at Rufus, Whitey, and who else as they are leaving?
(a) Idell.
(b) Baby.
(c) Leeroy.
(d) Baby and Leeroy.

9. Once back in the Moors' car after outrunning the Gassers, Rufus does what?
(a) Guides Whitey down the quickest escape.
(b) Guides Whitey down streets he grew up on.
(c) Sends Whitey through the nearest route.
(d) Guides Whitey through a planned route.

10. After discussing the graduation event with Judy and Nonie, the Moors leave for where?
(a) To go to Baby Gibson's building.
(b) Their meeting with Alex Robbins.
(c) Rufus' house.
(d) Their meeting with Ernie Brown.

11. Alex Robbins stops by Rufus' home after the dance and Mrs. Henry brings up what topic?
(a) Rufus going back to school next year.
(b) Rufus getting off of parole.
(c) Whether Alex believes he is making progress with the Moors.
(d) Rufus being able to get a job working at the civic center.

12. Rufus is pleased with the plan to hold the dance, as he thinks Simon will try to make trouble and what will happen?
(a) There will be a rumble between the Gassers and Moors present.
(b) Simon will not be able to do anything due to a police presence.
(c) The Gassers will be in an embarrassing spot.
(d) Simon will be locked up for a long time.

13. What do the Moors plan to do to get money to buy sneakers and T-shirts as workout clothes?
(a) Wash house windows.
(b) Hold a car wash.
(c) Deliver groceries.
(d) Sell newspapers.

14. While participating in the event, Rufus has a bad feeling about __________.
(a) The event is too quiet.
(b) A number of Gassers members have not arrived with dates.
(c) The punch has been spiked.
(d) The event is too loud.

15. As Rufus leads the Moors from stealing and to eat instead, they run into Nonie and Judy a second time and the girls do what?
(a) Request the boys sponsor a masquerade.
(b) Request the boys sponsor a semiformal.
(c) Request the boys sponsor a black tie dance.
(d) Request the boys sponsor a dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon seeing smoke and smelling burning rubber, Alex Robbins and Rufus have the band's leader make what announcement?

2. How much will the band that the Moors are seeking to hire cost?

3. Which of the Moors has a sense of how to play the football from Rufus' perspective?

4. Rufus attempts to load ammunition into the rifle, but why is he unable to?

5. Rufus attacks Simon when he sees him with the object in the bag, and and who has to tackle Rufus?

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