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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Moors begin to climb up a chain-link fence but don't make it over before what?
(a) The Gassers catch them and pull them down to fight.
(b) The Gassers are catching up.
(c) The Gassers corner them.
(d) They see the Gassers not too far off.

2. What does Rufus ask the officer at the front door of the celebration?
(a) If he can get the line moving faster.
(b) When they will begin letting the kids in.
(c) What is causing the delay outside.
(d) If he can keep the Gassers out.

3. Whitey drives Rufus to the home of Pelican Smith, leader of what rival gang?
(a) The Bloods.
(b) The Beers.
(c) The Bleeders.
(d) The Blades.

4. Rufus is surprised that wearing their best clothes and paying an admission causes everyone to do what?
(a) Complain about the cost of the admission.
(b) Act on their best behavior.
(c) Complain about having to wear their best clothes.
(d) Act quietly this evening.

5. Before Simon leaves the Moors' trap, Rufus advises that if he touches his family ever again, what will happen?
(a) Simon will regret it.
(b) Simon will be even worse off.
(c) Simon will die.
(d) Simon will have to watch his back closely.

6. Rufus escorts his siblings where for safety on the day he plans a confrontation with the Gassers?
(a) Youth center.
(b) Theater.
(c) School.
(d) Playground.

7. How much will the band that the Moors are seeking to hire cost?
(a) $75.
(b) $100.
(c) $90.
(d) $125.

8. When Ernie Brown arrives for the rally, a crowd of both adults and children circles him, but who has not shown up yet?
(a) Whitey James.
(b) Simon Jones.
(c) Sergeant Starkey.
(d) Alex Robbins.

9. Which police officer brings in a Gasser discovered in the alley?
(a) Patrol Officer Starkey.
(b) Sergeant Wenzle.
(c) Sergeant Starkey.
(d) Patrol Officer Wenzle.

10. When Rufus next talks with Willie after the scrapbook incident at the rally, how soon does he say he needs Willie to get him a rifle?
(a) Two days.
(b) A week.
(c) The next day.
(d) Three days.

11. What do Rufus and his mother do in response to Alex Robbins' recommendation regarding the pigtail being cut off?
(a) Rufus' mother follows Alex Robbins' proposal, Rufus does not.
(b) Rufus follows Alex Robbins' proposal, his mother does not.
(c) Both Rufus and his mother agree to follow Alex Robbins' proposal.
(d) Both Rufus and his mother refuse to follow Alex Robbins' proposal.

12. Simon gets put in the rear of a police car, with whom on either side of him?
(a) Alex Robbins on one side, Ernie Brown on the other.
(b) Alex Robbins on one side, a patrol officer on the other.
(c) Simon Jones on one side, Rufus on the other, Alex Robbins in-between.
(d) Ernie Brown on one side, a patrol officer on the other.

13. Nonie Emrey and Judy Williams are at the Happy Place discussing a graduation celebration they wish to throw despite what?
(a) They have no place to hold it.
(b) Neither girl attends high school.
(c) They have no money to spend on it.
(d) They will not graduate until the following year.

14. When Simon runs away, Rufus then starts Simon's car and does what?
(a) Backs it hard into a concrete post, then rams it forward into a hydrant.
(b) Allows it to go down the incline, crashing into flames.
(c) Drives it away as his gang's prize.
(d) Drives it around in circles, spinning the tires until they smoke.

15. How do the Moors get a discount on the usual premises fee?
(a) Having parents agree to be present.
(b) Having the police present.
(c) By cleaning the facility themselves.
(d) Having Alex Robbins, several co-workers, and some teachers present.

Short Answer Questions

1. Willie takes Rufus and the Moors to a spot where he has hidden the rifle that is located where?

2. Where does Rufus tell the Moors the gun will be hidden?

3. In what fashion do the Moors decide they want to host an event?

4. The Gassers get out of their car after colliding hard with the Moors' car, and chase the Moors between what?

5. After Rufus has told the Moors about the gun, they are next hanging out where?

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