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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once back in the Moors' car after outrunning the Gassers, Rufus does what?
(a) Guides Whitey through a planned route.
(b) Guides Whitey down the quickest escape.
(c) Guides Whitey down streets he grew up on.
(d) Sends Whitey through the nearest route.

2. What do the Moors plan to do to get money to buy sneakers and T-shirts as workout clothes?
(a) Deliver groceries.
(b) Wash house windows.
(c) Hold a car wash.
(d) Sell newspapers.

3. The Moors speed toward Fat Boy's drive-in and find what at the phone booth?
(a) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, but he is not in sight.
(b) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, and he is at the booth.
(c) Neither Simon Jones nor his car are initially in sight.
(d) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, and he is inside his car.

4. The Moors make arrangements to hire how large a band for the graduation event?
(a) Three-member.
(b) Four-member.
(c) Five-member.
(d) Six-member.

5. Alex Robbins tells Rufus he will stop by his home when during their ride with Ernie Brown?
(a) The next evening.
(b) The next afternoon.
(c) That evening.
(d) The next morning.

6. Where does Rufus tell the Moors the gun will be hidden?
(a) In an elevator shaft.
(b) In an air vent.
(c) Below the floor boards.
(d) Behind the furnace.

7. If he did not buy the gun for him, Willie threatens to expose the illegal dealings of an adult who goes by what name?
(a) Goldie.
(b) Grenade.
(c) Golden.
(d) Granite.

8. Suddenly Simon and the Gassers all fall down in pursuit, tripped by what?
(a) A wire stretched between the two sheds.
(b) A wire stretched between the two abandoned train cars.
(c) A wire stretched between the two construction office trailers.
(d) A wire stretched between the two industrial garages.

9. While participating in the event, Rufus has a bad feeling about __________.
(a) A number of Gassers members have not arrived with dates.
(b) The event is too loud.
(c) The punch has been spiked.
(d) The event is too quiet.

10. Whitey drives Rufus to the home of Pelican Smith, leader of what rival gang?
(a) The Bloods.
(b) The Beers.
(c) The Bleeders.
(d) The Blades.

11. His sister advises Rufus she wants him to do what after the Gassers rough her up and cut her hair?
(a) Keep himself and Moors boys safe.
(b) Retaliate against the Gassers.
(c) Not retaliate against the Gassers.
(d) Get back at Simon Jones and cut his hair off.

12. What happens when Rufus approaches Simon?
(a) Simon remains in his seat.
(b) Simon gets out of his seat.
(c) Simon walks to the boys' room.
(d) Simon simply smiles and ignores Rufus.

13. Upon seeing smoke and smelling burning rubber, Alex Robbins and Rufus have the band's leader make what announcement?
(a) Someone has thrown some rubber in the furnace.
(b) The motor on the air conditioning unit is overheating.
(c) There is no fire, only some overheated electrical band equipment.
(d) Someone has ignited a smoke bomb in the basement.

14. Simon gets put in the rear of a police car, with whom on either side of him?
(a) Alex Robbins on one side, Ernie Brown on the other.
(b) Alex Robbins on one side, a patrol officer on the other.
(c) Ernie Brown on one side, a patrol officer on the other.
(d) Simon Jones on one side, Rufus on the other, Alex Robbins in-between.

15. After Rufus has told the Moors about the gun, they are next hanging out where?
(a) In the Happy Spot parking lot.
(b) Under a bridge.
(c) Roof of Baby's building.
(d) In a park.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rufus tells the Moors he plans for each to take turns as "the mystery sniper" shooting from what location?

2. Alex Robbins goes along with the plan to sponsor the celebration as half the Gassers will want to join the Moors upon realizing what?

3. When Ernie Brown arrives for the rally, a crowd of both adults and children circles him, but who has not shown up yet?

4. What does an officer do as he sees Rufus verge on Simon at the dance?

5. When the Moors arrive at training camp, Ernie Brown greets them and does what?

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