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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The police offer arrests Simon for what charge?
(a) Larceny.
(b) Breaking and entering.
(c) Possession of stolen property.
(d) Petty theft.

2. In what fashion do the Moors decide they want to host an event?
(a) At the civic center, with several hundred guests and police present.
(b) At a local hall, with several hundred guests and police present.
(c) At a local hall, with roughly a hundred guests and police present.
(d) At a local hall, with several hundred guests and no police present.

3. While participating in the event, Rufus has a bad feeling about __________.
(a) The event is too quiet.
(b) The punch has been spiked.
(c) A number of Gassers members have not arrived with dates.
(d) The event is too loud.

4. Pelican does what in response to the proposal Rufus makes to him?
(a) Turns him down, lets him go unharmed if he leaves in 1 minute.
(b) Turns him down, offers a beer as a token gesture before he leaves.
(c) Turns him down, lets him go unharmed if he leaves in 5 minutes.
(d) Turns him down, lets him leave Smith's gang's turf unharmed.

5. After discussing the graduation event with Judy and Nonie, the Moors leave for where?
(a) Their meeting with Ernie Brown.
(b) Rufus' house.
(c) To go to Baby Gibson's building.
(d) Their meeting with Alex Robbins.

6. Observing what he does about the Gassers' dates, what does Rufus also see those Gassers doing?
(a) Apparently getting intoxicated.
(b) Collecting together near the entrance.
(c) Watching the rear exit door.
(d) Staring at an air vent.

7. Inside one of the structures, Baby gives Leeroy the signal to connect a battery that sets off the dynamite caps, which are what?
(a) Planted along the chain-link fence.
(b) Planted above the ground.
(c) Planted attached to the trip wire.
(d) Planted in the ground.

8. Following the rumble where Simon's car is demolished, Alex Robbins suggests getting the Moors and Gassers together on neutral ground where?
(a) The Mariners' training camp.
(b) The Cathedral Heights police station.
(c) The Marauders' training camp.
(d) A park.

9. The Moors speed toward Fat Boy's drive-in and find what at the phone booth?
(a) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, and he is inside his car.
(b) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, but he is not in sight.
(c) Simon Jones' car parked by outside, and he is at the booth.
(d) Neither Simon Jones nor his car are initially in sight.

10. The Gassers run away from the dynamite caps scene, thinking what?
(a) Dynamite is going off.
(b) Firebombs are being used.
(c) The police are arriving on scene.
(d) Guns are being fired.

11. After learning about his sister's pigtail, Rufus goes to his room and obtains stolen explosives he has been hiding where?
(a) In his dresser beneath the bottom drawer.
(b) In a broken radio.
(c) In a lamp base.
(d) In a broken television.

12. The Gassers get out of their car after colliding hard with the Moors' car, and chase the Moors between what?
(a) Two construction office trailers.
(b) Two sheds.
(c) Two industrial garages.
(d) Two abandoned train cars.

13. Where does Pelican advise Sergeant Starkey he was supposedly at with the Moors when they were rumbling with the Gassers?
(a) Big Park.
(b) Big Grass.
(c) Big Lawn.
(d) Big Pavilion.

14. When the Moors arrive at training camp, Ernie Brown greets them and does what?
(a) Practices some throws with him.
(b) Practices some hikes with him.
(c) Practices some catches with him.
(d) Tours the stadium with them.

15. Whereas Rufus felt a graduation celebration was a silly notion earlier, why is it he thinks it is a good idea now?
(a) He considers it an opportunity for the boys to join in a school event.
(b) He wonders how to keep the gang occupied, but out of trouble.
(c) He likes Judy Williams and it will be a chance to hang around her.
(d) He thinks it will be a good chance for the Moors to meet girls.

Short Answer Questions

1. For roughing up Rufus' sister and cutting off one of her pigtails, Alex Robbins encourages her family to do what?

2. As the Gassers run in fear, the Moors exit their hideouts and do what?

3. Rufus proposes that Pelican's gang do what when the Moors tangle with the Gassers?

4. Rufus is pleased with the plan to hold the dance, as he thinks Simon will try to make trouble and what will happen?

5. What do Rufus and his mother do in response to Alex Robbins' recommendation regarding the pigtail being cut off?

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