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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Responding to Alex Robbins' suggestion that the Moors elect a new president, Rufus nominates which members as president and secretary respectively?
(a) Leeroy, Whitey.
(b) Willie, Leeroy.
(c) Leeroy, Willie.
(d) Whitey, Leeroy.

2. Where does Alex Robbins initially locate the Moors?
(a) On the street outside the apartments where Baby lives.
(b) Outside the Fat Boy's drive-in.
(c) Outside the Happy Spot taco stand.
(d) On top of the apartment building where Baby lives.

3. Rufus tells Baby and Idell to cut up what in order to make weapons for Moors boys?
(a) Wooden stair railing.
(b) Metal pipe.
(c) Garden hose.
(d) Heavy playground chain.

4. Pelican does what in response to the proposal Rufus makes to him?
(a) Turns him down, offers a beer as a token gesture before he leaves.
(b) Turns him down, lets him go unharmed if he leaves in 1 minute.
(c) Turns him down, lets him go unharmed if he leaves in 5 minutes.
(d) Turns him down, lets him leave Smith's gang's turf unharmed.

5. Rufus manages to hold his own against Bantu, forcing him to drop his knife, and then what?
(a) Beats him unconscious.
(b) Beats him semi-conscious.
(c) Strikes him a number of times quite hard.
(d) Chases him from the scene.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ernie Brown suggests that the gang members initiate a league in the projects, and he gives them what to practice with?

2. What does Rufus' mother tell him took place regarding her marriage to Ernie Brown?

3. Why does the cop let the Gassers carload go?

4. Which two Moors members does Alex Robbins learn exhibit high potential?

5. Upon instructing his sister and leaving the store, Rufus does what?

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