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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19-21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rufus agree to spray-paint on the front door of the Cathedral Heights police station?
(a) "Moors is tops".
(b) "Moors is boss".
(c) "Moors rule".
(d) "Moors is best".

2. Inside one of the structures, Baby gives Leeroy the signal to connect a battery that sets off the dynamite caps, which are what?
(a) Planted along the chain-link fence.
(b) Planted above the ground.
(c) Planted attached to the trip wire.
(d) Planted in the ground.

3. At his new job repairing tires, Rufus does not like it when the boss, Mr. Wells, does what?
(a) Uses the terms "lowlife" and "scum" to refer to him.
(b) Uses the terms "boy" and "jailbird" to refer to him.
(c) Uses the terms "scum" and "jailbird" to refer to him.
(d) Uses the terms "jailbird" and "riffraff" to refer to him.

4. Where is it Mr. Rubio informs Rufus his mother has moved to?
(a) The City of Durango.
(b) The Town of Durango.
(c) Durango County.
(d) The Durango Housing Project.

5. Where does Alex Robbins initially locate the Moors?
(a) On top of the apartment building where Baby lives.
(b) On the street outside the apartments where Baby lives.
(c) Outside the Fat Boy's drive-in.
(d) Outside the Happy Spot taco stand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which problems does Rufus admit to Mr. Rubio?

2. Tojo turns Rufus down, but his gang throws a bottle at Rufus, Whitey, and who else as they are leaving?

3. Where does Pelican advise Sergeant Starkey he was supposedly at with the Moors when they were rumbling with the Gassers?

4. The Gassers get out of their car after colliding hard with the Moors' car, and chase the Moors between what?

5. When Rufus first asks Bantu to be allowed to join, his initial response is what?

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